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Venus Wafers Debuts New Website

Venus Wafers Debuts New Website

Monday, August 29th, 2016

Venus Wafers is upping its online presence, having just launched a new website that is easy to navigate and relays its story to customers and visitors.

“We are excited about the New Venus Wafers website, Jim Anderko, National Sales Manager, tells me. The Venus Wafers website now tells our story and plays to our strengths of being an Artisan Cracker company.”

This latest intro opens up to the company’s roots, which began in 1931 amidst The Great Depression, pioneering healthful crackers and flatbreads. To this day, 85 years later, the company continues to strive to meet the changing tastes of convenience-driven consumers with 100% whole wheat wafer bread, Nejaime’s Lavasch, and more.

The new website features the company’s family of brands and co-packing. For those who want to brand their own crackers, the company also offers private label products.

Venus offers a variety of tasty, all-natural crackers and flatbreads, all of which are kosher, vegan, organic, and non-GMO.

You can check out the company’s new website here, and see for yourself the story and easy-to-navigate format, with illustrative imagery and labels.

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Venus Wafers

Single Serve SolutionsSome things do get better with age.

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