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Litehouse - What's in Store: Center Cut Blue Cheese

Welcome to What's In Store. Litehouse Foods is showcasing the company's premium selection of the blue cheese wheel, the Center Cut Blue Cheese. The hand-crafted, hand tuned, hand-salted cheese, is vintage aged 100 Days, with single source Holstein Milk. The cheese is also rBST and Gluten Free. The Center Cut is so unique, that each cut is cored from the ‘center’ of the cheese wheel, creating a perfect piece for entertaining. The rich, distinctive cheese comes packaged in 5 ounce trays, each with clear dome lid that offers the visibility of a clear, flexible, quality product. The packaging also functions as a unique and convenient serving tray. Retailers can take advantage of the Summer months as outdoor party planning and BBQ get togethers get under way. The item can be cross-merchandised with salads, appetizers and entrees as well as a with an assortment of its deli companions that include crackers, olives, fresh and dried fruit, as well as a variety of proteins for savory snacks and meals. Litehouse cheese masters have brought over 70 years of combined experience to the recipe and production of this deliciously rich and developed flavor. Remove the top dome and enjoy! Thank you for joining us for this episode of What's In Store.