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Alldrin Brothers Almonds' Vince Vasquez Talks Success in Almond Butter

Alldrin Brothers Almonds' Vince Vasquez Talks Success in Almond Butter

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

After four generations in the orchard, Alldrin Brothers knows how to farm almonds. Pairing traditional knowledge with cutting edge technology and techniques, the Alldrins have labored for years to provide the tastiest, highest-quality product possible. And the company’s latest offering, creamy and crunchy varieties of artisan Fresh Almond Butter are no exception.

Vince Vasquez, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Alldrin Brothers Almonds“We selected the ingredients for our almond butter with one mission in mind; to create an almond butter with a delicious flavor without compromising the nutritional benefits of almond butter,” notes Vince Vasquez, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Alldrin Brothers Almonds. “Unlike the majority of our competitors, we use coconut oil instead of palm seed oil, honey vs refined cane sugar, and Himalayan salt instead of table salt.”

The company’s almonds are painstakingly sorted and processed in small batches in a precisely regulated climate for an exceptional flavor and texture that preserves the integrity of the product’s ingredients.

“The visible point of difference is the viscosity,” Vince explains, “We didn’t try to make our almond butter respond like peanut butter because we felt our consumer wasn’t spreading it on bread, rather, using in fruit bowls, smoothies, and veggie dips!”

Alldrin Brothers’ recommends demoing its product to turn customers on to its exceptional and wholesome flavor.

Vince adds: “Every time a new customer tries Alldrin Brothers Almond Butter for the first, their reaction is always, ‘This is the best almond butter I’ve ever tasted!’”

The company launched its almond butter at the Green Festival Expo in San Francisco in November of 2016. The product is currently available to consumers through O’Briens Market and various natural food stores and to foodservice, retailers, and distributors in the western U.S. through arrangements with CJ Produx.

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