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Atalanta's Alisa Malone and Marissa DeMaio Talk Dalmatia® Fruit Spreads

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

Boosting brand success doesn’t lie in just high-quality products and innovative flavor profiles, but going that extra step and snagging intrigued consumers right in the aisle. The team at Atalanta Corporation took a moment to talk about how some of their tools have been specially formulated to further an already beloved product line. 

As Product Manager Alisa Malone and Director of Retail Marketing Marissa DeMaio told our team, the company's Dalmatia® Duets arm retailers will the tools to boost sales and secure repeat purchases.

Marissa DeMaio, Director of Retail Marketing, Atalanta Corp.“We wanted to make sure we were supporting the retailers with the right materials to reach the consumers,” Marissa tells us as we discuss the recent launch. “[Dalmatia Duets] offers you a pairing concept and a recipe for each flavor of Dalmatia spread.” 

Though the spread has already found success in the U.S. marketplace for 15-20 years, this creation from the Atalanta team is set to take sales to the next level.

Each Dalmatia spread features only high-quality ingredients, and is also moving towards Non-GMO certification for the whole line.

Alisa Malone, Project Manager, Atalanta Corp.“One of their biggest qualities is the fact that they use first-class fruit,” Alisa says. “Meaning they’re not taking fruit that’s fallen on the ground and it’s bruised or anything like that.” 

What other qualities have consumers falling in love with the unique history and eating experience behind Dalmatia? Watch our exclusive interview above.

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