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Atalanta's Marissa DeMaio Discusses Del Destino Hummus

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Fresh snack options are on the up-and-up, with hummus leading the pack as a delicious and healthy choice that is also popular with consumers. And with lots on the market claiming authenticity, it comes down to the details for that top-quality, spicy flavor we love in our hummus.

I caught up with Atalanta’s Director of Retail Marketing Marissa Demaio to find out more on what sets Del Destino hummus apart from others on the shelf.

Marissa DeMaio, Director of Retail Marketing, Atalanta“Our Del Destino hummus is sourced from Israel and the producer that we work with has a long history in Israel with the northern agricultural region,” Marissa tells me. “They’re very involved with the farmers over there and they started forty years ago canning vegetables. In 2016, recognizing that hummus is one of the number one items out of Israel and in Israel that they eat, he decided he wanted to bring it to the global market so that we had an authentic product.”

Del Destino Hummus in foodservice and retail packaging

With over 20 percent of tahini in Del Destino hummus–the standard for any fresh or shelf-stable hummus is 15 percent–Marissa also describes the unique recipe and rigorous process the company uses to truly produce a delicious product.

“They pick, clean, and soak the chickpeas for twenty-four hours to make the chickpeas softer and they cook those chickpeas at a really high temperature for a short period of time to make sure they’re locking in the nutrients and preserving the flavor as well,” Marissa shares.

Del Destino 3.5 oz Hummus

Check out our video exclusive above for more hummus deets, and for more on what’s shaking up deli, dairy, and bakery, stay tuned to Deli Market News.

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