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Bellucci Shows How to Sample Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Bellucci Shows How to Sample Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Do you really know how to EVOO?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is an item that can be anything from a great cooking tool, to an appetizer, to an enhancement for another dish. To emphasize how individual this craft is to the palate, Bellucci has released a step-by-step video to illustrate how to taste EVOO.

Not only is it an artistic and fun to watch, but holds inside expertise to maximize the tasting experience such as inhaling as you taste the oil.

To see how to taste this versatile item, watch the 71 second video below.

Many items in the deli industry are intended to be enjoyed as delicacies, but how they are to be eaten can be lost in the marketing. This results in consumers’ misunderstanding that product, lowering demand, and depreciating the value of something that takes expertise, culture, and time to cultivate.

Showcasing how to approach a product can close that gap between the maker and the market, boosting both appreciation and demand for that item.

Bellucci also offers a traceability app, which shows exactly where the product came from. Not only does this help span consumer expertise on its product, but also taps into demand for awareness of product origin. The app also delivers delicious recipes and more.

For more on how industry members are expanding product knowledge and closing the gap between marketing and consumer, keep following DeliMarket News.