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The Better Bean Company Offers Summer Solutions for Consumers

The Better Bean Company Offers Summer Solutions for Consumers

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

With summer right around the corner, consumers are gearing up to grill, and while hamburgers and hotdogs are staples, increasingly health-conscious shoppers may be eyeing healthy alternatives or additions to supplement their festive outdoor meals.

The Better Bean Company’s convenient deli tubs offer a source of delicious beans that work as a side, topping, or a meal. From their Three Sister Chili that works perfectly as a dip to their latest Better Baked Bean variety made with Maple Syrup and Apple Cider Vinegar, Better Beans are a great go-to and provide a healthy dose of protein as part of a meal or a simple snack.

Hannah Kullberg, Co-Founder, The Better Bean Company"Since Better Bean Company's Better Baked Beans are fresh, they allow Deli Managers to co-merchandise fresh grilling foods. There customers are able to build bigger basket by including, the Better Baked Beans, sausages and other fresh deli sides in the grab n’ go set. Or for Delis that make their own special twist on baked beans, Better Bean offers foodservice 4 lb pillow bags that save time from cooking from scratch OR time spent opening wasteful #10 cans. By using Better Bean’s flavorful baked beans as a base it is able create the special recipe your region expects for grilling season. Better baked beans are clean label and refined sugar free," said Hannah Kullberg, daughter, Co-Founder, and Bean Queen of The Better Bean Company.

The Roasted Chipotle Red Beans, Skillet Refried Beans, Better Baked Beans, Three Sisters Chili

In a press release, the Better Bean Company noted that, while seemingly high in protein, many summer grilling options have a high calorie to protein ratio, and Better Beans applied to a bun or spread on a hotdog are a great way to add a delicious boost of nutrition to any meal.

Southwestern Pinto Beans, Uncanny Refried Beans, Tuscan White Beans, Cuban Black Beans

The company’s refrigerated tubs make an excellent addition to chilled grilling destinations in deli departments and are available to retailers nationwide.

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