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Bob’s Pickle Pops Brings Unforgettable Treat to Specialty Offerings

Bob’s Pickle Pops Brings Unforgettable Treat to Specialty Offerings

Monday, April 17th, 2017

Innovation can take some truly surprising, and tasty, forms in this industry. The latest from Bob’s Pickle Pops comes to tap in on a trend I can’t get enough of; pickling. As consumers look to brine to round out their taste buds, Bob’s Pickle Pops has the answer to increased sales with its flavored pickle juice.

Encased in a flexible plastic tube, similar to the popsicles you most likely remember from your youth, this tasty treat offers only pickle flavored juice. Consumers can either enjoy the tubes as a frozen treat during hot summer days, or as a surprising addition to their standard workout routine.

“Our athletes that like dill pickles swear by them,” the company states on their website, citing the pops as a favorite of competitive cyclists, with studies posted on the effect of pickle juice in muscle cramping.

According to the Washington Post, Founder John Howard drew from his South Texas base to bring the concept to the nation. "There are a lot of closet pickle drinkers in South Texas," Howard said, according to the source. "We're trying to get everyone out of the closet."

The company's products are made from freshly pressed pickles using a hydraulic press, and are currently available in two flavors; original and jalapeño.

Where will these pickle connoisseurs head next? The company was recently featured by Forbes and the Specialty Food Association, and Deli Market News can’t wait to see where they head next.

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