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Bolthouse Farms® VP of Marketing Bill Lange Talks New Launch of Organic Dressing Line

Bolthouse Farms® VP of Marketing Bill Lange Talks New Launch of Organic Dressing Line

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

With fresh and convenient food options making an ever-growing presence in the buy-side sector, Bolthouse Farms® is unveiling a new line of organic dressings to make a tasteful impression with consumers.

Bill Lange, Vice President of Marketing, Bolthouse FarmsThe brand’s organic dressings are answering a demand for shoppers who have healthier eating top-of-mind. Bill Lange, Vice President of Marketing at Bolthouse Farms, commented on the development behind the organic line, “According to our data, 78 percent of consumers are trying to eat more fresh food, and are also choosing organic products within the category. We wanted to create a product that addressed these trends while also delivering on taste and flavor.”

Opportunities for the line also included a focus on nutritionals that boast fewer calories and less fat than other leading organic dressings. This line, Bill divulges, shows fat and calorie improvement across all flavors, in addition to being organic and non-GMO.

“Our retailer acceptance has been fantastic so far. In sensory testing, not only did the product rank high, but preference also significantly increased after viewing the nutritional panel,” Bill said.

Consumers and retailers alike can sample the following flavor-forward dressings in the refrigerated section of grocery stores:

  • Avocado Ranch: Yogurt-based variety with creamy avocado, savory onion and garlic, and a hint of buttermilk
  • Signature Blue Cheese:  Yogurt-based variety that is chunky, cheesy, and creamy with a bit of a peppery bite
  • Raspberry Balsamic: Balsamic vinegar base with the sweet, summer-y flavor of ripe raspberries
  • Caesar Vinaigrette: Lighter and organic twist on the classic

This new product launch comes reinforced with captivating new packaging to further highlight the unique product characteristics, including the culinary ingredients found in the better-for-you dressings.

“Physically, we wanted to differentiate our packaging from what already exists on shelves. The square bottle and black label prominently displays the premium ingredients found in each dressing while still looking sleek and simple.” Bill continued, “We also use a plastic container so we can apply HPP to preserve nutrients and maintain flavor.”

The new organic offerings have already begun shipping, and will be on shelves nationwide by early next month. Bolthouse Farms will also be launching the line on AmazonFresh next week to give online consumers early access to the product, along with suitable promotions. Its suggested price point of $4.49, Bill told me, will keep the dressings accessible to both new and repeat customers.

As companies continue to innovate healthy and convenient products for the ever-shifting needs of the modern consumer, Deli Market News will have the latest.

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