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Brand and Innovation Specialist Victoria Ho Discusses New Specialty Possibilities with Fermentata™

Brand and Innovation Specialist Victoria Ho Discusses New Specialty Possibilities with Fermentata™

Monday, June 26th, 2017

As today’s consumers look towards specialty offerings to take their main plates and cheese boards to the next level, there’s one trend that is here to stay. Sales and demand for all things fermented are continuing to rise, and with it, increased opportunities for retailers to tap in on the flavorful movement. 

One of the newest partners of Gills Onions, Fermentata™, is steering the spread of fermented foods into the mainstream kitchen with raw cultured onions. As Brand and Innovation Specialist Victoria Ho recently told me, the company is looking to inspire talented chefs to bring more crave-worthy, cost-effective palate pleasers straight to produce-loving consumers.

Victoria Ho, Brand and Innovation Specialist“Today’s consumer landscape is peppered with an unprecedented number of alternative eating lifestyles. Yet, these very social, purpose-driven consumers are eating outside the home more than ever—and their palates crave adventure, authenticity, indulgence, and nutrition from real foods. Their idea of wellness embraces sustenance over supplements, and industry tastemakers are listening,” Victoria says. “Fermentata has literally bottled the ‘secret sauce’ for chefs, and foodservice is the most generous platform we can think of to share this healing, delicious tradition with the nation.” 

Though you may think you know the taste of fermentation, Fermentata’s onions are sure to take flavor understandings to a new level. Given the chance to sample Fermentata’s first two products, consumers will be stunned at the enhancement that the company’s Classic fermented onions can add to nearly any pairing, with additional culinary opportunities added by its Golden Turmeric flavor

Fermentata Product Offerings

While Fermentata’s onions can find use on nearly any appetizer or entrée, consumers looking to boost their snacking prowess will find the onions’ flavor profile can easily enhance their favorite accoutrements. From dried fruit crackers to my personal favorite, artisanal cheeses, my senses were exhilarated at every added bite of brine–changing my approach to snacking with avocados, fruit, and endless pairings with sweet and savory.

Fermentata is entering the buy-side sector with a wealth of consumer marketing campaigns and wellness promotions in order to spotlight the versatility of its products. From an easy salad topper to a superfood spread, Fermentata onions bring a rich umami undertone, a pop of briny tang, and a subtle yet satisfying crunch to any dish. 

Fermentata Product Offerings

“The versatility of onions in the global pantry makes Fermentata’s rich, yet refreshing, flavor profile an easy fit onto any menu where taste is king. Couple this core selling point with clean label simplicity, Gills’ sustainable supply chain, and our waste-free, ready-to-serve convenience, and you have a very dynamic crossroads where we hope forward-thinking buyers will see our potential to generate magic, and margins, for their customers,” Victoria continues.

The company emphasized that recipes featuring Fermentata onions can be easily tailored to meet dietary restrictions; whether it be all natural, vegan, gluten-free, no added sugars, or fat free. By swapping in raw fermented onions for regular diced onions, consumers can enjoy the benefits of live and active cultures in addition to the prebiotic fiber and healthfulness of the vegetable.

Fermentata Product Offerings 

The Fermentata team is also focusing on increasing the success of its customers by helping to develop or reformulate best-selling menu items for clean and clear label compliance with California-grown onions.

As fermentation continues to be top of mind for today’s consumers, count on Deli Market News for all the latest in lasting trends.