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Califia Farms Customers Can Now Purchase Directly

Califia Farms Customers Can Now Purchase Directly

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Looking to grow its brand and marketshare outside the traditional retail framework, Califia Farms launched a new direct-to-consumer ecommerce platform offering 47 of the company’s innovative products, from almond milks, ready-to-drink cold brew coffees, and juices sourced in California.

Greg Steltenpohl, CEO and Founder, Califia Farms“Making sure everyone has easy access to our productsno matter where they liveis another step in making good on our ‘Califia Loves You Back’ promise,” said Califia Farms CEO and Founder Greg Steltenpohl. “Though our products can be found on 36,000 retail shelves across the country, we still hear from consumers who lack coverage in their area, have trouble locating specific items, or find popular items sold out. By creating an easy-to-use ecommerce platform, with a sophisticated refrigeration component, we are furthering our mission of making premium and delicious, plant-powered beverages accessible to all.”

Califia Products Ship Nationwide

The new program both minimizes the distance between the company and consumer and, according to a press release, will ultimately integrate with retailer ecommerce programs, “to spread the Califia Love.”

Arnulfo Ventura, VP of Business Development, Califia Farms“Convenient online access to food and beverages is what shoppers have come to expect: it is estimated that US ecommerce CPG attributed sales will grow to about $36 billion annually by 2018, representing about 50% of sector growth,” said Arnulfo Ventura, Califia Farms’ VP of Business Development. “We believe the ‘unlock’ of our perishable portfolio in online will not only serve as the foundational structure of our ecommerce marketplace, but also further our mission of being the enduring food and beverage company of the future.”

The company also plans to integrate the consumer voice with user reviews and user-generated content.

Cory Lopez, Consumer Marketing Manager, Califia Farms“Our approach to social has always been to share, not sell,” said Cory Lopez, Califia Farms Consumer Marketing Manager. “Our ecommerce platform reframes how sharing—through content, conversation and community engagemen—can create valuable consumer experiences that ultimately convert to ecommerce sales. Expect new, exciting connectivity between our social audience and ecommerce throughout 2017.”

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