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Up Close and Personal with Taste Elevated's Artfully-Crafted, Sophisticated Packaging Style

Up Close and Personal with Taste Elevated's Artfully-Crafted, Sophisticated Packaging Style

Monday, May 14th, 2018

Have you ever seen someone walk by with a cool collection that draws you in and makes you want to get to know them? It’s all about the style and the confidence to wear what looks best with ease. Retailers can find that same sense of style and grace in Taste Elevated’s goods when positioned proudly on the shelf—it’s a draw that cannot be ignored.

The fig chutney, where it all began, is a great example of how the company’s beautifully created products are matched by their elegantly displayed labels. Like all of the products, the company’s logo in white pierces the dark brown background and sits atop the title of what the jar holds. What makes the product stand out, in particular, is the shade of green that pairs perfectly with the rich coloring in the chutney.

Taste Elevated Fig Chutney

The mustard seed varieties are uniquely attractive in the textured appeal. Sitting within a jam-like consistency, the pops of mustard seeds look almost playful and promise a crunch with abundant flavor, thanks to the lively colors. Both types have striped shapes of golden brown, encasing the titled version of mustard seeds within the jar, and they both have an air of rustic earthiness in tune with the products’ offerings.

Taste Elevated Sweet N Tangy and Habapeño Mustard Seeds

The spreads also don labels that pair perfectly with their vibrant shades. The stunning hue of orange in the Roasted Eggplant Spread pops out against the ribbons of yellow on the label, with the company’s name and the name of the product crisply stamping the space between. On the Basil Jalapeño Pesto, a lustrous moss-shade of green journeys across the sides of the same label layout, which makes for a perfect juxtaposition of greens when positioned opposite the bright green.

Taste Elevated Roasted Eggplant Spread and Basil Jalapeño Pesto

To pair with the bubbles of deep purple product in Booze Thyme Cherries, the company uses a rich red to frame its logo, enhancing the depth of color the booze and thyme-infused cherries offer and the world of flavor they bring to cocktails and dishes, alike.

Taste Elevated Booze Thyme Cherries

These are just some of the beautifully and purposefully designed bottles. The whole line boasts of colorful pairings between luxuriously textured product sitting behind the glass and clean and crisp lines traversing the front. Crucial for consumers, though, is the space between the wrapped label, allowing them to see the texture and product throughout.

Taste Elevated products

For more intriguing and sophisticated products to add to your retail location, check back with us at Deli Market News.

Taste Elevated