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Conroy Foods' Tom Orlando Discusses the Company's Food Service Offerings

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

Conroy Foods knows the importance of a sauce. I think it’s safe to say we all know a sandwich isn’t the same without a signature sauce topping it off, and the makers of Beano’s Original Deli Condiments, are wont to agree.

I recently chatted with Tom Orlando, National Sales Director for Conroy Foods, about the plethora of foodservice condiment options the company offers that meet a variety of consumer and retailer demands.

Tom Orlando, National Sales Director, Conroy Foods“One of the surprises we hear each and every year is the fact that the retailers are just amazed at how many flavors Beano’s Deli Condiments carry,” Tom shares with me, going on to explain that there are multiple flavors available in retail 8 oz sizes. The real excitement, however, stems from the fact that these offerings are expanding into foodservice options.

“We now have the foodservice capabilities of taking those same great 8 oz flavors that you find in great retailers across the country, and we’re making them into the foodservice size for their specialty programs,” he continues. “A lot of our retailers want points of difference—they want to have a sandwich program that’s a little unique versus other retailers."

And that is certainly true. With offerings like smokey bacon aioli or cranberry honey mustard, there’s an option in this line for everyone. Another stand out point for retailers to keep in mind, Tom tells me, is the company’s small batch capability.

Conroy Foods offers non-separating condiments and sauces specifically designed for foodservice applications“The nice part about Conroy Foods is we have the capabilities of making small batches—meeting the retailers’ needs as far as what they need, when they need it, and we are able to satisfy a lot of customers that way,” Tom concludes.

Looking for more details? Check out our exclusive video above.

For more dairy, deli, bakery, and specialty food news, keep reading Deli Market News.

Conroy Foods

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