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Entube's CEO Richard Lasselle Talks New Packaging and What's Ahead

Entube's CEO Richard Lasselle Talks New Packaging and What's Ahead

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

I don’t know about you, but I have a serious case of wanderlust—seeing images of vast landscapes motivates me to take on my days with a determination to one day get there. But, what if you could keep a little piece of foreign countries in the convenience of your bag or stocked in your fridge? Entube, a company just catching flight after a little over two years in business, offers condiments for those seeking to up their cooking game, bringing various spice blends to the mix: Harrissa, Curry, and Mole.

Entube indian curry chili paste

Taking me on a tour of the company’s spreadable spice blends is CEO Richard Lasselle, who enlightens me to the seemingly endless ways consumers tap into these wonder-workers—especially in light of Entube’s new portable tin that includes all three flavors. Before sharing on the new release, Richard walks me through the different ways consumers use its products.

Richard Lasselle, CEO, Entube

“Principally, they can always be used as a condiment, which is how I would recommend that’s how people start so that they can get the full flavor of it. Then they can move onto cooking eggs with it in the morning—it brings in a whole new world of deliciousness to start the day. Consumers can create a gourmet pasta by adding a flavor in with olive oil, or they can marinate chicken, white fish, and more for a full-on meal. The convenience of it all is so appealing. Instead of hunting down all of the ingredients to make their own harrissa, curry, or mole, consumers have it all there in these tubes. From my own personal experience, everyone who has tried it has upped their own cooking game.”

The company’s new travel case, a tin with three miniature sizes of its three flavors tucked inside is perfect for those looking to spice up their lives while on the go—they have been a hit with travel companies, working great for camping trips because of their variety and light weight. This trend is just catching speed Stateside, but it has a steady following throughout Europe.

Entube products

“The food-in-tube business does a billion units a year in Europe. It’s a huge thing, especially in places like Sweden where you can find almost everything in a tube. So, we’re just bringing that idea to the States to increase their condiment selection in the fridge from just mustard and mayonnaise to having these delicious flavor-enhancers and meal-boosters,” Richard explains to me. “That’s the way we’re pitching the idea of the company moving forward, and people are getting it! That’s what’s been really amazing to see, our online sales are up 600 percent over last year already. That’s snowballing into other things—the whole internet aspect of the business is on the march, too. They see the product here and there, then they pop online and put it in the basket.”

Currently positioned in 1,000 stores total throughout North America and New Zealand, Entube’s products have been well-received in about 80 East Coast Whole Foods, major supermarkets in Toronto, and smaller markets throughout the U.S., which Richard notes as the “bread and butter” of business because of their continued loyal business. Richard notes that the tubes do particularly well when placed alongside the butcher sections of retailers and in butcher shops because of their flawless partnership with meat, but they do just as well when places in any part of the deli area, since they create unique sandwiches and offer exciting meal-time opportunities for consumers to take home.

Entube harissa chili paste

So, where will Entube take this innovative contribution to cooking next? Richard tells me that, while it continues to stabilize itself as it continues to gain footing in the U.S. market, the company has plans to unveil new flavors in the future; no definite flavors have made the line-up, but some flavors that he is considering including are Chicken, Vegetable, and Beef Bouillon; Hot English Mustard; Korean-style BBQ; Umami; and Thai Chili Lemongrass. The goal right now, though, is to take one step at a time, he tells me, building on top of its current success with steady incline.

When I ask Richard to expand on what else he wants to convey on the happenings at Entube and the industry at large, he ends our conversation on a motivational and uplifting note.

Entube harissa chili paste

“Health, wealth, and happiness!” he cheers at the end of the conversation, before expanding on what it’s all about in our industry. “We spread love—getting more and more people to enjoy what they eat. Food doesn’t just go in your stomach when you’re hungry, it gives you a myriad of sensations. It enhances your life. When you taste something amazing, your brain does some magical things that makes you happy, and that’s really what we’re all about.”

As Entube continues to grow and catch speed throughout the U.S., entering new markets and regions, it looks to bring more of the world’s tastes to consumers, as it further embellishes dishes and brings variety to the dinner table.


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