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Evolution Salt Co Primes Himalayan Salt For Alternative Channels, Jordan Holtz Discusses

Evolution Salt Co Primes Himalayan Salt For Alternative Channels, Jordan Holtz Discusses

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Himalayan salt is a growing market; from health and wellness products, to décor, to exceptional seasoning, the pink crystals are popping up around the country in a variety of shapes, sizes, and venues.

I recently had a chance to speak to Evolution Salt Co’s VP of Sales Jordan Holtz about the company’s Himalayan salt products and sample some of the companies truly exceptional wares. From a recently-introduced line of Seasoning Blends and Finishing Salts to salt slabs designed for cooking, preparation, and presentation, the company has a number of striking culinary offerings primed for cross promotion in the deli department and retail destinations.

Jordan Holtz, VP of Sales, Evolution Salt Co“Evolution Salt Co's mission is to provide the highest quality Himalayan salt products on the market at affordable pricing, all the while maintaining the utmost social, economical, and environmental responsibilities within the industry,” Jordan explained. “Evolution Salt Co only produces Himalayan salt products using the upper echelon of food grade/grade-A Himalayan salt. There are other companies out there that take the initiative to do the same, however what distinguishes Evolution Salt Co from said companies is what goes on ‘behind the scenes.’”

Evolution Salt Co's Salt Blend Shakers

Jordan explains that what makes Evolution Salt Co unique is more than just its exceptional products; it’s a commitment to improving the lives of employees working in Pakistan to source the company’s product. 

“Evolution Salt Co has both mining and manufacturing operations in Pakistan (where all Himalayan salt originates from). There are communities based upon, and built around, these operations. No other company does more for the workers, their families and the communities than Evolution Salt Co. We have built schools, health clinics, and provided free education and health care to all... just to name a couple of initiatives that we have undertaken.”

Evolution Salt Co's Himalayan Salt Slab

The company’s products are currently distributed through UNFI, KeHE, Select Nutrition, Lotus Light, and Shamrock Foods. The company is quickly moving in the alternative channel—through retailers like Home Depot and True Value—and retailers are increasingly becoming familiar with Evolution Salt Co through Whole Foods Markets in select regions, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Albertsons, Jewel Osco, H-E-B, Nugget Markets, Kowalskis, and many other independent retailers.

Evolutions Salt Co.