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FOODMatch Director of Business Development for Foodservice Megan Gusick Discusses Divina Spreads, Quinoa Kits

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

FOODMatch is introducing new items and expanding on its selection of specialty foods—with Divina brand offerings, a variety of sauces and spreads, and a new line of kits for health-conscious gourmet eaters.

Megan Gusick, Director of Business Development for Foodservice, FOODMatchI asked the company’s Director of Business Development for Foodservice Megan Gusick to fill us in on items in-store now and coming soon.

“We have our sweet spreads—they're coming out of Greece. We have a delicious Fig Spread, Orange Fig Spread, and Sour Cherry Fig Spread,” Megan told me. “The Fig Spreads are produced with Aegean figs. These are outstanding on sandwiches, part of a panini program, as a salad dressing base—they're very versatile. Also a shelf stable product.”

Additionally, Megan added, the company has introduced a line of global sauces and a new take on the meal kit—featuring hearty and healthy quinoa.

The new Fig Spreads are produced with Aegean figs and are outstanding on sandwiches

“…[W]e have our emerging global sauces, in a variety of different flavors. Some of our new items we're focusing on are kits—so the kits consist of cooked Quinoa and various flavors that go in with those,” Megan elaborated. “It's all pre-packed in the same case—you open them individually, mix them together, and they're ready to go behind the glass.”

Watch our brief interview above to get the entire scoop.