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FOODMatch's Brandon Gross Discusses New Design for Divina Brand

FOODMatch's Brandon Gross Discusses New Design for Divina Brand

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Currently on the floor of Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco? Amongst the glitz and glamor of our industry’s finest, there’s one stop retailers should be making to check out the new look and feel of FOODMatch, and its star brand, Divina

The massive rebrand took root from a recent trip to Greece, where the company was inspired to update its branding by a pair of intertwined olive trees. FOODMatch Vice President of Marketing Brandon Gross recently told me that the revamp swelled from there to eventually envelop Divina’s entire packaging and brand identity. 

Brandon Cross, Vice President of Marketing, FOODMatch“We were struck by those two trees and how they metaphorically represent the relationships that drive our business; from land and farmer, seasonal and preserved, tradition and heritage, quality and convenience, to timeless taste and modern application,” Brandon describes of the new imagery’s message.

This brand-wide update aims to capture the simplicity and elegance of Divina products, while also representing the quality and heritage of the brand. The rebrand is paired with details to further this message, such as a smaller label height to emphasize the visual of the product and the use of rich, iconic Mediterranean colors to illustrate the core meaning behind the Divina name. 

“In our redesign of both the logo and packaging of Divina products, we’ve sought to highlight only the essentials; the item name, origin, flavor profile, pairings, and usage,” Brandon elaborates. “Everything was designed to allow the product to be the star of the show.”

Divina’s new packaging, bearing the new logo, is already being launched by FOODMatch into the buy-side sector. The company plans for the relaunch to be fully completed by late spring of this year. 

“Over the course of 20 years, there have been a few very specific moments of growth and evolution for both our company and brand to expand on our mission to provide specialty products to our partners,” Brandon says. “We want to make sure that Divina fully reflects our values of offering simple, authentic, and responsibly produced items.”

Launching off the refreshed face of the brand, FOODMatch is scheduling promotions to become a more influential presence on the internet and through social media channels. Brandon tells me that while the programs are still being cultivated, retailers can expect details soon. 

Stop by booth #2705 today at the Winter Fancy Food Show in the South Hall to sample all of Divina’s new products, and peep the reveal of the new line of packaging for the first time in public.


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