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FOODMatch's Director of Business Development for Foodservice, Megan Gusick, Discusses Antipasti Products

Monday, August 20th, 2018

FOODMatch is making antipasto easy with labor-saving solutions and new, classic, and on-trend products to meet burgeoning demand for gourmet Mediterranean foods.

I had a chance to catch up with Megan Gusick, Director of Business Development for Foodservice, to learn more about the staple products FOODMatch offers to help drive sales in the deli department.

Megan Gusick, Director of Business Development, FOODMatch“A couple of the key items that we want to talk about today are labor-saving ingredients such as sliced and diced olives, antipasti products,” Megan explains. “We've got a wonderful Calabrian Pepper coming out of Italy—great texture, wonderful for flatbreads, excellent for pizza programs. We've got our number one selling ingredient, which is our Roasted Red Tomato. It's produced on the East Coast, right here in the USA. We have multiple cuts, so we offer a wedge, a diced product—we also offer it seasoned and unseasoned.”

FOODMatch's Calabrian Pepper comes out of Italy and has a texture that is perfect for flatbread and pizza programs

Additionally, the company offers a number of retail and foodservice offerings— including its signature green olive—under the Divina brand.

“The last item I'd like to talk about today is our Frescatrano™ [olive]—it's exclusive to Divina,” Megan adds. “It's unfermented; it's bright; it's fresh; it's absolutely delicious."

FOODMatch's Divina Frescatrano™ olive is unfermented, bright, fresh, and delicious

For more information, watch our brief interview above.

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