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GF Harvest's GoPack™ Offer Convenient, Gluten-Free Meal Solution

GF Harvest's GoPack™ Offer Convenient, Gluten-Free Meal Solution

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

A quick, convenient all-natural breakfast can be challenging, particularly for the growing number of consumers who avoid gluten, but GF Harvest’s GoPack™ gluten-free oatmeal packets are just that.

GF Harvest’s GoPack is a single-serving, just-add-water package ideal for travel, camping, on-the-go breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. The products convenient size makes them perfect to pack away in a bag or desk, and the water-tight package allows consumers to add water, eat their oatmeal, and discard the recyclable package when finished.

GF Harvest’s GoPack™ gluten-free oatmeal

GoPacks are available in four flavors:

  • Original
  • Maple & Brown Sugar
  • Sweet Cinnamon & Golden Raisins
  • Cinnamon Apple

With its motto of “Pure, Simple, Good,” the company’s offerings are Non-GMO Project Certified and made from gluten-free oats with a process engineered to ensure traceability and prevent contamination.

GF Harvest GoPack packets are a perfect grab-and-go option for the gluten intolerant and the general public. Retailers looking to capitalize on the products convenient take on a breakfast staple can cross-promote sausages, eggs, yoghurt, and other gluten-free breakfast options to entice the consumer’s eye and drive repeat purchases.

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