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Hope Foods' Will Burger Discusses Company History, New Product Offerings

Hope Foods' Will Burger Discusses Company History, New Product Offerings

Friday, March 9th, 2018

Since first being launched as Hope Hummus in 2011, Hope Foods has been on a mission to bring healthy, whole-food based products to a growing fan base. The company has grown from a group of close friends selling at the Boulder Farmer’s Market to a nationwide brand offering 10 flavors of hummus and two guacamoles.

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Hope Foods PR Director Will Burger to learn more about the burgeoning company and what makes Hope truly unique.

Will Burger, PR Director, Hope Foods

“Hope's mission, in a nutshell, is to inspire a passion for creativity, health, and wholeness—all attributes of 'hope'—in every single person that interacts with our product and our brand,” Will told me. “To this end, we only make the highest-quality food using the highest quality ingredients. Hope Foods is the leading national organic hummus brand with five SKU’s in the top 10 ranking in the Natural Channel.”

Hope Foods organic hummus varieties

Will tells me that this commitment to quality involves being both Organic and Non-GMO—as well as using only Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) in all the company’s hummus products. And the company keeps its products fresh using an innovative High Pressure Processing (HPP) technique—ensuring optimal quality, taste, shelf life.

Hope Foods hummus

“HPP has certainly been a unique and game changing technology for us,” Will explained. “We started using it early on to ensure that both our fresh taste as well as our bold ingredient profile was kept intact. Our flagship flavor, Spicy Avocado, is a testament to the effectiveness of the technology, because you can't cook avocado and keep it fresh. To this end, we never use heat pasteurization on any of our products. After all, who would make hummus at home and then cook it over the stove?”

Hope Foods Organic Thai Coconut Curry Hummus

And, Will tells me, the company is set to expand its line this spring with two new hummus offerings set to hit shelves in mid-March. New flavors include:

  • Buffalo Bleu Hummus – A twist on an American favorite flavor combo – a robust Buffalo flavor with a hint of Bleu Cheese – dairy free!
  • Jalapeno Red Hummus – Red Jalapenos deliver a unique pepper flavor with a nice level of heat

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Hope Foods