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JUST Earns Recognition in 2018 Top Innovation Lists

JUST Earns Recognition in 2018 Top Innovation Lists

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

Long gone are the days when us vegetarians were the few speaking the language of plant-based. Today, consumers of all diets, lifestyles, and ethos are broadening their understanding of healthier eating to include minimal meat intake and increased incorporation of plant-based innovations. And with companies themselves rising to the occasion and answering the consumer call for sustainable and delicious products, more exciting innovations are making their way to the marketplace, much to the happiness of little ol' vegetarian me.

In 2019, JUST is honing in on its eggs and meat products and micronutrition

One such company that has truly knocked the innovation ball out of the park and into a whole new galaxy of cutting-edge creations is JUST. Recently, the company’s new plant-based JUST Egg garnered national attention from accredited news sources, making the cut for Time’s The 10 Smartest Sustainable Products of 2018 and Popular Science’s The 100 Greatest Innovations of 2018.

Andrew Noyes, Head of Communications, JUST“The fact that JUST Egg caught the eye of editors at Popular Science and Time, two well-respected national magazines, is incredibly humbling and gratifying,” Andrew Noyes, Head of Communications, said to me. “Over the past few months, JUST Egg has been rolling out across the United States and is receiving high marks from consumers who are ordering it at their favorite eateries and finding it at their local grocers. Our team has worked for years on this transformative product, and we’re excited for more people around the world to try it.”

Andrew pointed out that JUST doesn’t view itself as just a vegan food company. Rather it strives to make delicious, healthy, and sustainable food for everyone—something Andrew believes is why JUST has met such success in all the categories it has launched products in.

JUST Egg garnered national attention from accredited news sources, including Time and Popular Science

“Our world-class team of scientists and researchers leverage a one-of-a-kind discovery platform for meat and plant-based food that Michelin-starred chefs then combine with decades of culinary expertise to create delicious, accessible, healthier, and more sustainable products,” Andrew told me. “We consider the vast plant kingdom a set of tools that can help make the foods we enjoy every day better for us and better for the planet. We also look to the plant kingdom to solve some of the biggest challenges associated with safe, sustainable meat production and to feed a growing global population in a way that requires a fraction of the land, water, and other resources used for conventional animal agriculture.”

Because JUST is already becoming a trendsetter in its own right, I ask Andrew if he can reveal anything the company has in the works for 2019 that might catch a few of next year's headlines.

JUST strives to make delicious, healthy, and sustainable food for everyone

“In 2019, we’re focused on eggs, meat, and micronutrition. That means expanding the availability of our plant-based JUST Egg in the U.S. and around the world. It means making our first commercial sales of real meat products made from cells instead of slaughtered animals. And it means bringing the incredible work we’ve already been doing to combat micronutrition deficiency in West Africa to other places in the world,” Andrew concluded.

If you don’t care about good vegan eats, you better hop aboard the plant-based train before you get left behind! For more of the latest on innovations changing the landscape of deli, dairy, bakery, and specialty foods, stick with us at Deli Market News.