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Katie Benjamin Shares Skillet Street Food's Bacon Jam

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Skillet Street Food’s Katie Benjamin joined Deli Market News at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York to tell us more about the company’s unique Bacon Jam…but what exactly is Bacon Jam?

Skillet Street Food

“It’s a bacon spread that’s 65 percent bacon,” Katie tells us. “We render out the fat and we seasoned it up really great. We’re significantly different because we have so much more meat in our bacon jam. Our flavor profile can stand alone or it can be mixed in with other things. It’s a very versatile product.”

Skillet offers a number of different flavors for its Bacon Jam, including Original and Fennel & Black Pepper.

Skillet Street Food

Skillet’s bacon spread is USDA-certified, which requires products to be over 50 percent bacon.

For more on Skillet’s Bacon Jam, check out our interview with Katie above!

Skillet Street Food