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La Terra Fina Updates Branding, Introduces New Products, Stephanie Robbins Discusses

La Terra Fina Updates Branding, Introduces New Products, Stephanie Robbins Discusses

Friday, November 2nd, 2018

Northern California’s premier maker of fresh dips, spreads, quiches, and more, La Terra Fina is following its 2017 rebranding with another big year. Last fall, La Terra Fina celebrated another year of growth by updating the look and feel of its handmade artisanal offerings to better reflect the quality and spirit for which the company is known.

And this year, the company is continuing that forward trajectory—introducing new products and new packaging to continue La Terra Fina’s forward momentum.

Stephanie Robbins, Vice President of Marketing and Innovation, La Terra Fina“We’re very excited about the new products we’ve introduced in 2018,” said Stephanie Robbins, Vice President of Marketing and Innovation. “We launched our new Queso Cheese Dip & Spread,and Sriracha Three Cheese Dip & Spread, along with some really delicious and easy recipes for quick meal solutions with these items. We’re excited to be expanding and growing our distribution after our big 2017 rebrand, and we’ve come back this year and made some additional packaging changes.

Stephanie told me that after last year’s rebrand—which saw the company adopt a new logo and beautiful illustrative packaging celebrating each flavor’s real ingredients—the company realized there were ways in which it could improve upon its new branding. By adding important call outs for consumers on its dip packaging, such as made with rBST free dairy, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and certified gluten free, and by creating transparency in the with a clear lid rim and a smaller top label, La Terra Fina was able to boost the visibility of the product—while retaining all the most salient elements of the rebrand.

This year La Terra Fina is introducing new products and new packaging to continue its forward momentum

“Consumers wanted to see more of our product. So we came back and made some small, but valuable changes. We replaced the previous lid label with a half lid—a vertical cutout we like to say is ‘kidney shaped,’” Stephanie noted. “We’ve made some thoughtful refreshes to add value for our customers and consumers.”

Stephanie noted that, while real estate available for branding on the lid of La Terra Fina’s packaging has shrunk, the new look manages to sustain and even enhance the effect of the company’s new branding—including those salient new elements of the design depicting fresh ingredients.

“In some channels, we’ve experienced double-digit growth over the past year in large part because of our rebrand. At retail, with a smaller sized product, we had to cut a lot of the visuals on pack—but the feel of the rebrand with these changes is just as prominent,” Stephanie told me. “We had that gut feeling where you see something and think ‘this is good,’ then tweak it and see ‘oh, this is really good’. We’re taking the rebrand that we introduced last year a step further.”

La Terra Fina's dips are made with rBST free dairy, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and certified gluten-free

And, Stephanie tells me, this is just the beginning on the product innovation front. In February, La Terra Fina plans to announce two bold new flavors—yet to be announced—to its lineup of dips and spreads.

For more fresh food news in the dairy, deli, bakery, and specialty foods space, keep reading Deli Market News.

La Terra Fina

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