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Ladera Foods’ CEO Brian Tetrud and Director of Sales Dylan Torres Talk New Granola Varieties

Ladera Foods’ CEO Brian Tetrud and Director of Sales Dylan Torres Talk New Granola Varieties

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

What started in the kitchen of a loving mother of three has now become a brand that has grown immensely in the all-natural and organic granola category. But Ladera Foods’ CEO Brian Tetrud and Director of Sales Dylan Torres are quick to tell me that the company hasn’t strayed too far away from its roots.

Brian Tetrud, CEO, Ladera Foods“It all started with my mother’s original granola recipe,” Brian says. “We grew up eating the granola she made, and as we got older, we started making it for our family and friends. Granola has become a much bigger product since then, and it’s forced us to nail down what truly makes us unique.”

Ladera is now re-positioning its brand to focus more strongly on its core concepts: the story behind the creation of its granola and its abundant nutritional aspects.

Karen Butterfield, Brian’s mother and a Stanford Medical Doctor, created foods with simple ingredients that promoted her kids’ active lifestyles while appealing to their demanding tastes. Inspired by his mother’s vision, Brian set out on a quest to give other families the same high quality, wholesome, whole grain nutrition that he grew up with.

“Our family focus is a very important element of our brand,” Brian continued. “Our consumers connect with that story, and it’s something that they can relate to.”

Brian and his team have now expanded the company’s portfolio to go beyond the original Almond Pecan recipe, all of which are hand blended and roasted at low temperatures for maximum flavor and nutritional value. In addition to Almond Pecan, Ladera also offers Chocolate Almond and Pumpkin Quinoa, which was recently unveiled at the Winter Fancy Food Show.

Pumpkin Quinoa is a nut-free granola that mixes together quinoa and pepitas (or pumpkin seeds) with whole grain oats, a blend of olive oil, maple syrup, and spices, for a nutritious snack that can be used with yogurt, cereals, and much more.

Each package is currently available in the following sizes: 1.67 oz, 11 oz, 2 lb, and 20 lb.

Dylan Torres, Director of Sales, Ladera Foods“Specialty stores like to have products like ours because we reinforce their core values,” Dylan tells me. “We are artisinally-crafted, family-owned, and nutritionally-focused.”

When I ask Dylan what’s next for this ever-evolving granola brand, he tells me that the company is looking to get more into bulk and single serving sizes to cater to the grab-and-go consumer.

With a fresh brand revision and a new product on the horizon, Ladera is continuing to stay on top of growing consumer trends in the industry. For more on Ladera Foods’ growth and future initiatives, stay tuned to DeliMarket News.

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