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Lauren and Simone Temkin Talk Taking Fermentata To the Next Level with Gills Onions Partnership

Lauren and Simone Temkin Talk Taking Fermentata To the Next Level with Gills Onions Partnership

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Pickled and fermented items seem to be popping up everywhere. And much to my pleasure. From the way I have seen these on-trend items launch into their upward trajectory, I would have to anticipate a heightened demand across the entire culinary landscape.  

One of those companies making strides across the fermented segment of the speciality foods arena is Fermentata, a company founded by two sisters, Lauren and Simone Temkin. Recently the team partnered with the family-owned and operated fresh-cut onion giant Gills Onions, to bring their Classic Fermented Diced Onions and Golden Turmeric Fermented Diced Onions to market. 

Lauren Temkin, Co-Founder, Fermentata“You could say our relationship with Gills Onions mirrors nature’s most enviable and most enduring—a mutualistic symbiosis, which we feel very fortunate to have a role in,” Lauren shares with me. “As a supplier partner, Gills is widely regarded as the pinnacle among its peers, not only in the consistent quality of its produce, but also for the industry stewardship of Steve Gill in pioneering innovative, cost-effective solutions for sustainability and food safety.” 

“From field to factory,” Lauren adds, “Gills invests in fostering a safe workplace and a diverse workforce. For a woman-owned small business with very big dreams, all these facets underscore our  view of Gills as much more than an operations partner—Steve and his team are our visionary partners as well.” 

Fermentata onions on a Radicchio Kale salad

By using Gills premium onions and scalable manufacturing, Fermentata is capable of guaranteeing nationwide fulfillment to foodservice customers of any size. 

Simone Temkin, Co-Founder, Fermentata“The addition of Fermentata’s product line is bringing new interest to Gills’ legacy brand from forward-thinking buyers who are seeking easy, affordable ways to satisfy consumer demands for today’s hottest flavor and wellness trends,” Simone shares. “For foodservice accounts in every channel, Fermentata’s versatile Classic and Golden Turmeric onions are a low-prep, high-margin item backed by the distribution power and sterling reputation of Gills—we see it as a win, win.” 

To help launch Fermentata to the industry, and to bring awareness to food-based beneficial probiotics, the company is also forming another partnership with Gills as an in-house marketing company for the new Fermentata brand. 

“We see this as an opportunity for Gills to capture the attention of a fresh generation of curious, globally connected buyers and consumers that crave direct engagement, rewards social responsibility and seek brand relevance to their own lives and interests,” Lauren says, ecstatic about this new path in their fermented future. 

Consider this story just a taste of what Fermentata has yet to come–and whetting the appetite, I hope it is.

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