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Naples Drizzle Italian Hot Sauce Adds Spice to Pizza and More

Naples Drizzle Italian Hot Sauce Adds Spice to Pizza and More

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Need to add a little pazazz to pizza? Vim to vermicelli? Kick to carbonara? Naples Drizzle is the product for you. A chili oil with a unique Costa Rican take on a Neapolitan tradition, Naples Drizzle celebrates the spicier side of Italian cuisine.

Available in both a 8.1 oz and .8 oz bottle, Naples Drizzle’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Red Pepper sauce is a versatile treat for a foodservice operator or an amateur at-home chef.

Naples Drizzle Italian Hot Sauce

The brainchild of professed pizza lovers Davey Parker and Cheryl Coleman, Naples Drizzle is made from all real ingredients—with only EVOO, red peppers, and sea salt conspiring to create a tasty treat. And with no trans fats or artificial ingredients, the gluten and cholesterol free sauce has the health attributes that consumers are looking for.

With an easy-to-pour dual-flow spout, restaurant-goers can avoid accidents and add just the right amount of zing to zucchini, pep to pepperoni, and liveliness to linguini.  

Naples Drizzle comes in an informative box with serving suggestions including: pizza, lasagna, fettucine, tacos, popcorn, ribs, and more. 

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Naples Drizzle