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Preservation & Co.'s Jason Poole Talks Summer Plans and Expansions

Preservation & Co.'s Jason Poole Talks Summer Plans and Expansions

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

Though spring has just laid its roots, the promise of summer is hanging fresh in the quickly warming air for industry members and consumers alike. Rising specialty foods star Preservation & Co. has its own plans for a season full of growth and opportunity. 

As Owner Jason Poole recently told me, the company is planning an increase to its production in order to further tap in on summer-themed habits of flavorful mixed drinks and smoky barbeques. 

Jason Poole, Owner, Preservation & Co. “This summer we are increasing production, and expanding our line of sauces and condiments,” Jason tells me. “The summer season has been very successful for us in the past as people want to get back outside and enjoy the longer days. Our lines of products are geared to that mentality with our pickled foods, cocktail mixes, and barbeque sauces.”

Preservation sees a slight spike in demand for its always sought-after cocktail mixes during the warmer months, with sales increases for both its pickled foods and condiment lines as well. 

Though the company sees continuous sales for its flavorful products year-round, Preservation is adding the following new products to its lineup:

  • Two new barbeque sauces
  • Bloody Mary-inspired cocktail sauces
  • Bloody Mary-inspired steak sauce
  • Steak marinade

As its brand continues to grow, Preservation is also investing in the growth of its capabilities. With expansion top-of-mind, the company will be moving into a larger facility, and securing new equipment to ramp up its production even further.

“We are in the process of securing equipment that will allow us to not only significantly expand our Hot Fill Line, but enable us to increase the production of our most popular items by 500%,” Jason continues. “By doing this, we will be able to become more aggressive with marketing deals and really make a push into the marketplace.” 

Preservation is always on the lookout to further benefit its retail and distribution partners. The company offers a quarterly discount program, and is also working on a free-fill program for new items and end cap incentives. To provide even more consumers a taste of its offerings right now, the company is boosting numbers now by offering a 50% discount on March and April shipping costs. 

As a universal supporter of all things pickled and sauced, you can bet I’ll be keeping a close eye on this specialty company–through this summer and beyond.

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