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Regalis Foods' Ian Purkayastha Shares on the Company's Truffle-Infused Product Line and Future Business Plans

Regalis Foods' Ian Purkayastha Shares on the Company's Truffle-Infused Product Line and Future Business Plans

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

Rare are the days that I am not craving quality oils to cook gourmet meals. It’s an obsession of mine, and, thankfully, companies like Regalis Foods keep this need met with all natural, organic, truffle-infused products. While the industry moves and shakes with the booming interest in naturally-infused truffle products, I reached out to Regalis to find out how it’s doing and what sets it apart from others in the market.

Here to talk to me about all the exciting growth in his truffle biz is Ian Purkayastha, Founder of the company and author of Truffle Boy: My Unexpected Journey through the Exotic Food Underground.

Ian Purkayastha, Founder, Regalis FoodsIan shares with me that the company’s goals are to stretch beyond its foodservice roots and step into the retail arena with more gusto: “Our focus has always been on high-end foodservice, and we will continue to expand in other markets in the U.S. As we continue to grow, we’ll grow our product line for our retail movement. We’re actively looking for retail partners and new retail channels to pervade.”

This is good news for retailers looking to get their hands on the products for their consumers. While big companies like Williams-Sonoma carry the products, a growing number of independent specialty stores are also selling Regalis items. But as we walk through the company’s trajectory, let’s address the question on everyone’s mind: how does Regalis’ uniquely and naturally-infused line taste in comparison with competing brands, which sometimes use synthetic additives?

Bianchetto Truffle

To this, Ian explains that consumers can expect a specific nature with his products: “Flavor-wise, our products are much lighter tasting than your traditional truffle products because we’re not using a synthesized flavoring. Our products actually taste like real truffles, so that a pretty unique flavor compared to what’s traditionally being sold out there.”

To consumers looking to add some excitement to their dishes with a distinctly light-yet-flavorful amendment to the recipes, Regalis is looking at you. The company blends its imported truffles with American products like oils and butters to create its one-of-a-kind line, which is so multi-faceted that it appears to pair well with everything. As it pairs with side dishes, center-of-the-plate masterpieces, and innovative desserts, the company has all of the bases covered so that consumers can dine in luxury that is, dare I say, regal.

In fact, as Ian points out, the brand takes great measures to ensure the safety and high quality of the products remains indelibly great, as it hopes will bring luxury to every customers’ lips. “In everything about our line, we try to epitomize luxury—we make sure everything is as luxurious as possible. The product packaging has silk screen and is UV coated to protect them from sun damage. We are using really high quality ingredients,” he explicates.

Summer Truffle

Retailers and foodservice providers looking to create food destinations and menu items should take note; Regalis products provide ideal inspiration for both. Ian suggests ways that the products can fit into a multitude of occasions: “Our truffle oil like a finishing oil—it can be used to finish pastas or sauces. Tennessee Back Truffle Honeycomb works great on a cheese board and is great on vanilla ice cream with a little olive oil and a dash of salt. We have a barrel aged, 18-year balsamic with black truffle oil that is really great with burrata, and it makes a really great truffle dressing. We have an 84 percent butter-fat—a very, very high percentage of butter fat—grass-fed butter that we make our truffle butter with so that is really great on bread and pastas. We’re just trying to make products that are really unique and high quality, while also using ingredients that are approachable for the consumer.”

Excuse me while I elegantly dab my drool…

On top of the seemingly endless array of delicious options for consumers to try, the company is looking to up its game by pursuing CCOF organic status for the full Regalis product line. And Ian tells me the company expects to have certification within the next year. Some of its items, like Tennesee Black Honeycomb, are either currently certified Kosher and non-GMO or going through the process to become so, and this is another way that the company is looking to improve its quality and sales moving forward with its inimitably truffle-infused product line.

From soil to store, the company has proven to be a reliable source for the truffle fix some consumers never knew they needed. As Regalis continues to grow its retail bandwidth and product line, it is looking for new ways to attract consumers whose love of these truffles will be no trifle.

Regalis Foods

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