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Some things do get better with age.
Roland Foods' Chris Della Rocca Discusses Latest Releases

Roland Foods' Chris Della Rocca Discusses Latest Releases

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

Turning 85 is a big deal worth celebrating! For Roland Foods, it means that the company, founded in 1934, gets to continue offering its high-quality, authentic ingredients that represent the regions and cultures from which they come, making travel as easy as a culinary excursion into new and accessible options. This philosophy—of enhancing meals using top-of-the-line ingredients that stay true to their roots—is just one way the company attracts end-consumers, and it is a crucial aspect of new product development.

To dive into these gastronomic ethos, I look to Chris Della Rocca, Business Development Manager, to fill me in on the latest developments with Roland Foods. With Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences on the rise in the cooking scene, I was eager to know more about Roland Foods latest items to hit the shelves and make mealtime memories feel more magical.

Chris Della Rocca, Business Development Manager, Roland Foods“Fine Tahini is made using traditional methods and ingredients but is innovative in its ease of use. Unlike traditional tahini this product does not require any extra preparation to achieve a silky, smooth texture because of the grinding and emulsifying process used, which limits separation between the oil and ground sesame,” Chris tells me, before diving into what makes the product even more appealing for those looking to make quality meals easier than ever. “The product is packaged in a convenient squeeze bottle to take advantage of its consistency and allow our chefs and end-users to focus on preparing their dishes instead of preparing the ingredients that make up the final product.”

While the convenience with which we can use a product is sometimes enough to sway consumers to position a product in their shopping carts, Roland Foods is all about delivering the whole package to ensure consumers walk away with a great product that is easy to use and inspirational when it comes time to put knife to cutting board.

When designing packaging, our best-in-class design team draws inspiration from the colors, designs, and patterns that are found in regional culture, art, and architecture. Our Eastern Mediterranean line of packaging is a telling example of this consideration to authenticity in our products’ aesthetic. In this specific project, we were inspired by the colors and patterns found in traditional Eastern Mediterranean culture,” Chris says.

The company’s Fine Tahini is just one avenue it is exploring Hermes’ stomping grounds. Roland Foods also announced its foray into alternative sweeteners that offer a fresh take for well-loved dishes by harkening back to the roots in the region.

“Adding these items to everyday dishes is a great way to put a unique spin on a classic or add a unique twist to a crowd favorite. We recommend Date Syrup as an alternative sweetener to honey or maple syrup used on waffles and in cakes, or to substitute Pomegranate Molasses for vinegar when added to dressings or when drizzled over roasted veggies. We highlight products and offer recipes and suggested uses on our website—we are featuring Mediterranean spices and other products right now,” Chris shares.

Roland Foods seems to be checking off all the boxes on consumers’ must-have lists: quality ingredients, convenient packaging, inspirational aesthetic, and suggested recipes… I start to wonder what’s next for the company and what sustains its growth and progress, but Chris tells me it all comes down to its business strategy.

Roland Foods announced its foray into alternative sweeteners that offer a fresh take for well-loved dishes by harkening back to the roots in the region

“We are always looking to remove barriers to entry with our products for end users, so that they can focus on what they are making with our ingredients instead of how to make them easier to use,” Chris shares, adding that its love for quality ingredients is supported by its dedication to those who provide and enjoy them.We believe that community is built around the table and that sharing food has the power to open minds, spark adventure, and bring diverse people together. We are passionate about food, and dedicated to the people who grow, make, serve, and eat it together.”

Cheers to the meals we have enjoyed, served around a dinner table and dished up with good conversations with friends and family, and to those that have yet to be experienced—because isn’t that what quality time spent cooking is all about?

So, the question is this: what do you hope to achieve by the time you’re 85? Roland Foods is showing everyone that life and business just keep getting better with age.

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