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San Francisco Salt Company Launches Whiskey Smoked Irish Sea Salt

San Francisco Salt Company Launches Whiskey Smoked Irish Sea Salt

Friday, July 1st, 2016

One of the largest importers of specialty salts in the country, San Francisco Salt Company, has joined forces with Irish brand Oriel Sea Salt to bring its newest product to American soil, a Whiskey Smoked Irish Sea Salt. The salt debuted at the Summer Fancy Food Show in June of this year.

The process to make the salt begins with smoking 90-year old Nicaraguan oak kegs–which, for the last 10 years of their lives, were aging Teeling's finest Irish whiskey. Almost immediately after the kegs are emptied of the whiskey they are smoked. This rapid step ensures that the kegs retain the rich oak and whiskey aromas. After this, Oriel Kiln-dried Mineral Sea Salt is subtly infused with the aromas built-up in the kegs from smoking them.

Newly redesigned retail packaging showcased this week at the Winter Fancy Food Show 2016. #winterfancyfoodshow #wffs16 #sfsalt

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According to the company's press release, Oriel's salt is known for being lower in sodium and for having a higher mineral content. The new product has a powerful taste and will allow culinary crafters the ability to use less of the salt without giving up flavor. It's also a fine-grain, free-flowing salt, allowing it to mix easily into recipes or used to sprinkle on meats and other foods.

Lee Williamson, President, San Francisco Salt Company"Until Oriel contacted us, Irish Sea Salt was not really on our radar, so we were instantly intrigued. When they told us about their Teeling Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt, we knew we had to try it," said San Francisco Salt Company's President Lee Williamson in the release. "It combines three fantastic flavors—whiskey, smoked oak barrels, and sea salt—which come together in a surprisingly harmonious and palate-pleasing way. Powerful and smooth is a huge understatement."

All products by the San Francisco Salt Company come in bulk for foodservice applications and there are also an array of retail options: 4 and 5-ounce glass shaker bottles, and an 8-ounce chef jar that comes with a wooden scoop.

If smoked sea salt isn't your cup of tea, maybe it can be your glass of whiskey.

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