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Tofurky Expands into Foodservice with New Meat Alternatives

Tofurky Expands into Foodservice with New Meat Alternatives

Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

When it comes to convincing my carnivorous friends that there is life after vegetarianism, I’m not above bamboozlement—proving plant-based alternatives are not just reserved for vegans is serious (sneaky) business. And when it comes to introducing my more food-flexible friends to new vegan/vegetarian-friendly products, Tofurky is always in my arsenal of recommendations. While Tofurky is a well-known name around grocery stores, the company recently ventured into foodservice, upping its resources and operations in order to introduce plant-based proteins to all kinds of eaters.

Jaime Athos, CEO, Tofurky“We’ve spent the last 35 years as an anchor for our category in retail grocery stores, and we couldn’t be happier to see plant-based protein achieving mainstream status. We want to give chefs with increasing curiosity about plant-based proteins the best-tasting, highest-quality products out there. But more than anything, we want to feed consumer demand for more plant-based menu options,” Jaime Athos, CEO, tells me. “Our plant-based proteins go beyond delicious taste and texture; they’re a force for good. We make the friendliest food on the plate that benefits people, animals, and the environment.”

Tofurky recently ventured into foodservice

Tofurky isn’t just diving into foodservice, it’s cannonballing. Over the last year, sales of plant-based foods rose 20 percent, with meat alternatives increasing 24 percent and sales hitting $670 million, according to data collected by Nielsen and the Plant Based Foods Association. In response to the rising number of flexitarians and people looking to eat less meat at home, at restaurants, in college cafeterias, and beyond, Tofurky has a whole slew of foodservice items starting with its newest DIY Burger—that allow chefs to hand-craft their plated offerings. Other plant-based proteins the brand offers include:

  • Deli slices, with flavors like oven-roasted, peppered, hickory smoked, and smoked ham style
  • Italian, kielbasa, and beer brats sausages and jumbo hot dogs
  • Slow roasted Chick’n
  • Chorizo-styled grounds
  • Organic soy and smoky maple bacon Tempeh
  • Veggie burgers, including the Hearty Hemp, Mighty Mushroom, Tempeh Super Burger, Wholesome Harvest, and Spicy Anasazi Bean
  • Holiday loaves and roasts, including a ham loaf, an oven-roasted loaf, and a Turk’y roast

“Our plant-based proteins provide endless veg-friendly possibilities that curious chefs and consumers love. Whether it’s a juicy burger, a delicious wrap, or a savory roast fit for a feast, our meat alternatives give everyone a tasty (and texture-friendly) way to indulge in their favorite foods, sans meat. All products are chef-crafted in the kitchen, rather than a lab, the way food should be. We use the highest-quality ingredients that are 100 percent non-GMO and vegan, and we choose local and organic ingredients from growers in the U.S. when possible.”

Tofurky offers holiday loaves and roasts, including a ham loaf, an oven-roasted loaf, and a Turk’y roast

Founded in 1977, Tofurky first started as a hobby for Founder Seth Tibbott, but has since grown to be one of the largest producers of plant-based proteins in the United States. Along with its new foodservice offerings, the company offers all of its offerings at retail, too.

Plant-based eating is the future, and Tofurky is leading the charge to keep healthy and delicious eating forever in the cards.