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Wet Rubz Gourmet Sauces Add On-Trend Flavor to the Grill

Wet Rubz Gourmet Sauces Add On-Trend Flavor to the Grill

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Last month, the Deli Market News offices were greeted with an unexpected treat when we received a package from Wet Rubz Gourmet Sauces—a new brand of sauces from A&A Organic Farms.

The company’s line currently features two products, and Co-Founder & Co-Owner Aimee Martin recently told me she and her husband and partner, Andy Martin, are eager to expand into exciting new taste-profiles in the future.

Santa Maria Marinade

Wet Rubz Santa Maria Style Marinade is available in strikingly-packaged 13 oz bottles for retail and 1 gallon foodservice containers. I had the opportunity to try the marinade out on the California coast staple tri-tip, for which it’s ideally suited, and I was equally impressed by how well it complemented grilled mushrooms. And with recipes for pork, seafood, chicken, and lamb dishes on the company’s website, it will be a while (if ever) before I exhaust the possibilities of this versatile, piquant, and sweet sauce.

Additionally, the company recently launched another on-trend offering—Wet Rubz Organic Sesame Sriracha Sauce available in 13 oz retail bottles. With hints of toasted sesame oil, citrus, ginger, brown sugar, garlic, onion, and gluten-free soy sauce; the pleasant, slow-burning sauce is as suited to dressing meat as it is to seasoning a taco, dressing a slaw, or spicing up soups and salsas.

Sesame Marinade

All Wet Rubz products are non-GMO, USDA-certified organic, dairy-free, and vegan.

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