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Z Crackers Debuts New Look

Z Crackers Debuts New Look

Monday, January 14th, 2019

In 2019, the snacking trend continues to dominate consumer consciousness. Answering the call to capture consumer attention, Z Crackers, Brooklyn-based manufacturer of artisanal homemade crackers, announced updated packaging. The refresh introduces a brand-new, bright color palette, along with a 30% smaller, 100% recycled tub that cradles 8 oz of crackers.

Keith Pollack, Founder, Z Crackers“We’re addressing environmental concerns for both consumers and us. We all want to create less waste,” said Co-Founder Keith Pollack, in a recent press release. “It’s a game-changer, without a doubt. While the existing SKUs have always been incredibly well-received, we knew buyers and consumers were trending toward environmentally friendly packaging rather than just price and flavor. This was an opportunity for us to place the best cracker on the market into the sturdiest, resealable, and GREEN container available.”

This change also makes it possible for Z Crackers to enter new markets and alternative channels of distribution, the press release noted. The lower profile of the tub is a better fit for home box delivery businesses like Amazon Direct, Fresh Direct, and PeaPod.

The refresh introduces a brand-new, bright color palette, along with a 30% smaller, 100% recycled tub

“We’ve always listened to our loyal customers and tried to employ their concerns and suggestions,” Pollack continued. “We’ve changed the shape of the crackers to make them more uniform, and have been certified OU KOSHER and NON-GMO. Recently, new manufacturing technologies were made available in packaging, and we were finally able to get a tub made of fully recycled materials. We’ve been waiting a long time to make this happen.”

In order to differentiate itself from other companies within the cracker category, Co-Owner and Chief Designer Pam Pollack created this new design.

Pam Pollack, Co-Owner and Chief Designer, Z Crackers“The bolder the package, the more Z’s stand out,” Pam Pollack commented. “Store managers have told me that shoppers gravitate toward Z's new colorful design, making them a refreshing standout in the specialty cracker category.”

Z Crackers come in the following flavors: Sea Salt & Olive Oil, Garlic & Basil, Red Onion & Rosemary, Kalamata Olive, Salt & Pepper, and the newest, Everything Good.

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