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Anchor Packaging Inc Announces Innovative SAFE PINCH™ Design

Anchor Packaging Inc Announces Innovative SAFE PINCH™ Design

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Anchor Packaging, Inc. has announced its newest consumer-based product in the SAFE PINCH™ plastic food containers. Based on consumer research and feedback, the company said that this design is virtually leakproof and adds another layer of protection and accountability for the food processor, retail store, and consumer in untampered products.

Safe Pinch

The company has spent the last 2 years formulating SAFE PINCH™, designed to be tamper-evident while bypassing the inconvenience of existing packaging products and ensuring the contents of the products remain untouched before users open the package. The product's new features make tampered packages easily identifiable by retailers, and a freshly-opened package audibly and visually tells consumers that their package had stayed untouched.

Safe Pinch Containers

Jeffrey Wolff, President of Anchor Packaging, said in a press release “We found that consumers overwhelmingly prefer a simple, intuitive, one-step opening design, and with our aging population, large, easy-grip tab features were deemed essential. These two design elements are at the heart of the SAFE PINCH product line.”

Also a distinct plus for the common user? Anchor said that its newest product is leak-proof, has no sharp edges, and doesn’t leave the user with a plastic strip or tab to dispose of. 

SAFE PINCH combines containers with lids in a single, easily re-sealable unit, that is designed for both manual and automated use. Anchor said that these features making the product line useful for local commissaries and food processors. 

SAFE PINCH packages are all post-consumer PETE reusable and recyclable, and made in the following 7” x 6” container sizes:

  • 20oz
  • 24oz
  • 32oz

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