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Repsly's Mobile CRM Tools Inform Managers, Increase Efficiency

Repsly's Mobile CRM Tools Inform Managers, Increase Efficiency

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

In a more and more competitive retail environment, companies looking to gain an edge and get their product in front of customers have increasingly turned to technological solutions to manage field teams, coordinate marketing efforts, and inform decision-makers. To make the most informed decisions, though, sellers need more than data; they need tools tailored to their needs, tools that clarify rather than complicate. 

Mat Brogie, COO, RepslyWith this in mind, I reached out to Mat Brogie, COO of mobile customer relations management (CRM) provider Repsly, to find out how those in our industry can take advantage of technology to simplify processes and save time and effort expended in managing field teams. 

With Repsly’s easy-to-use mobile app, field teams can effectively coordinate with managers, track and share data, maintain schedules, and more. 

Q: Tell me a little about what Repsly does? What kind of services does Repsly offer to its customers?

Matt Brogie: Repsly is a mobile/cloud app that helps companies with field teams be more effective. The software makes it really easy to collect and analyze any kind of information observed and collected by field reps. Repsly also gives managers great tools for organizing, managing, and coaching reps in the field. 

Q: How would you describe the company’s ethos? What makes Repsly unique in its approach to CRM?

MB: Repsly is all about simplicity. We offer a very powerful solution for field teams, but we deliver that power on a super simple to use platform that reps 'already know how to use.' We do this by focusing on user experience first, and patterning our interface on common social media paradigms.

Q: What can you tell me about the company’s blog? How can retailers take advantage of this tool?

MB: We try to keep the blog focused on topics that are interesting to companies trying to optimize their presence at retail. You won't find very many references to Repsly's product in our blog content; instead we discuss topics that can genuinely help companies sell more of their own product!

Q: I noticed that Repsly offers walkthroughs of supplier/vendor application processes. Can you tell me a little about those? 

MB: The supplier/vendor application walkthroughs were undertaken to help our readers become familiar with the process of getting their products onto the shelves of retailers. We have a lot of readers that are in the emerging/entrepreneurial segment of the consumer goods space who find this kind of information very helpful.

Q: In fact, Mat tells me the company’s blog is more than an ancillary part of the business; it’s an important resource, offering insights into the market and providing useful information that companies can use to grow their businesses.

MB: We are constantly expanding what we write about, and have a particular interest in reviewing trends in specific segments of the market, whether those are technology, go to market, product, or general market trends.

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