“I rely on Deli Market News to provide the most up-to-date and relevant information in the specialty food business. They are always on top of new products and retail initiatives, reporting in-depth about topics that have a real impact on the food business now and in the future. They have also been an essential advertising partner to Champignon North America and the team is always engaged, enthusiastic, and wonderful to work with.”

Kelly Newsome - Marketing Manager
Champignon North America

“I look forward to receiving my Deli Market News email every morning. As a National Sales and Marketing Representative, Deli Market News offers a wide array of interesting articles as well as educational resources. It's a great way to network, and it has helped spread the word about our products. For that, we are very thankful!”

Elle Fearing - National Sales and Marketing Representative
Carr Valley Cheese

“Pondering on what sets Deli Market News apart from other news sources and struggling with where to begin because of so many differences and positive attributes bouncing around in my head. Flashback to my youth and I remember how my parents enjoyed (reveled) in the act of reading their daily newspaper and I would say that is the feeling I have reading the Deli Market News but without getting my hands blackened by ink. I look forward to reading each and every morning and, like a good newspaper delivery person, the online edition is there in my inbox waiting for me to start my day by reading about people, companies, and products that directly pertain to an industry that I have been associated with for over 40 years. The writing is unbiased and a pleasant reminder of what journalism used to and should continue to be all about. When our company had an article featured recently it was nice to hear from peers in the industry with comments about how they read the story. I enjoy working with the DMN writers, never feel rushed, nor has my direct quotes and comments ever been taken out of context.”

Tom Orlando - National Sales Director
Conroy Foods

“Deli Market News is terrific to work with. The company is always accommodating and consistently has a quick turnaround on requests. Venus Wafers enjoys working with everyone on the Deli Market News Team and reading the daily email happenings.”

Jim Anderko - Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Venus Wafers

“The team at Deli Market News are true pros. They keep a close pulse on the industry, covering everything from innovation to sustainability. Their reporting is polished and timely, making them the first go-to source for news each morning. I'm continuously impressed by the output of their team, as well as how seamlessly they collaborate with brands and companies to deliver relevant news.”

Kate Paine - Director of Marketing
Vermont Creamery

“Deli Market News provides the perfect snippet of food industry news in a quick and easily digestible manner on a daily basis. We share articles internally and with industry friends regularly and truly appreciate the work their team does!”

Inanna Eshoo - Sales Director
Atoria's Family Bakery

“Deli Market News understands the relationship between manufacture and retailers. Their engaging videos and informative stories help drive business and bring new trends to the forefront of their daily readers.”

Joseph Piraino - Sales Representative
DePalo Foods

“Deli Market News is a great partner for a manufacturer in the Deli Industry. Working with them is very effective and easy. Journalists and accounts take care of us customers and provide complimentary visibility services that work great as the sponsored ADS. Their target is our target, DMN talks to deli buyers and category managers, and we need to talk with leads from this category. Honestly, I didn't receive direct requests from DMN readers, but during the shows, I had countless feedbacks about our papertray.ficacci.com; the common feedback was: 'I love it, I've seen it on DMN.'”

Giuseppe Ficacci - Co-Owner
Ficacci Olive Company

“Deli Market News is a great industry resource and trusted partner for the latest retail news and trends. Most recently, they've been a great resource in helping us to keep the industry apprised of new product launches and brand campaigns. We always enjoy collaborating with Deli Market News' roster of professional journalists to share new product information, company announcements, and expert insights.”

Jenny Englert - Senior Marketing Manager
Saputo Specialty Cheese

“I read Deli Market News' updates every day. As a marketing manager of an Italian cured meat producer operating in the U.S., it's crucial to be always up-to-date with the market's latest news and trends. Deli Market News is a trustworthy source of relevant information. Besides, it is a great platform to network and offers effective support to spread the word about our news and products. For that, we are very grateful! ”

Emanuela Bigi - Marketing Manager

“I couldn't be happier with the great partnership we've established with Deli Market News over the past six years. The team at DMN has always been helpful and flexible but, most importantly, truly interested in our success. The publication's editorial content is always current and relevant which makes it not only a 'must-read' for all of us in the industry but also serves as an excellent advertising platform for our Old Croc brand. Our banner ads along with the video interviews they have conducted with us have not only generated very positive responses and very high click-through rates but have undoubtedly contributed significantly to Old Croc's rise in brand and product awareness through the years with our customers. I look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.”

Ken Meyers - CEO
Trugman-Nash, LLC – Old Croc Cheese