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Tia Fina’s Salsa Owner Julian Farhoud Brings Fire Roasted Flavor to New Generation of Consumers

Tia Fina’s Salsa Owner Julian Farhoud Brings Fire Roasted Flavor to New Generation of Consumers

Monday, August 14th, 2017

Armed with an authentic family recipe, complete with increasingly on-trend health attributes, Tia Fina’s Salsa’s Owner Julian Farhoud is looking to bring well-balanced fire roasted flavor to consumers everywhere.  

Julian Farhoud, Owner, Tia Fina Salsa“The reason we started the business was the demand we had for an authentic and healthy salsa. True fire roasted salsa is a lost art in this generation. People are just too busy to make salsa for their family table,” Julian explained to me, noting that, with Tia Fina’s Salsa, consumers can enjoy authentic flavor, without additives and preservatives. “Tia Fina’s Salsa is a simple recipe. People can understand our ingredients. We are naturally preserved, no sugar added, and we are not a vinegar based salsa. You get that true, authentic taste—not a processed taste.”

Made using a generations-old recipe, Tia Fina’s Salsa is based on an Austin, Texas-tradition handed down by the product’s namesake Julian’s Aunt. 

Tia Fina Salsa

“Our Tia Fina was from Austin, Texas. She learned the recipe at a young age from her mother. It has been in the family for generations. She made it for every meal,” Julian tells me. “Then my mother then learned how to make this authentic salsa, and before we knew, it was on our family table for every meal.” 

Great with chips, on a taco, a torta, or with its charming container, in a retail destination in the bakery departmentTia Fina’s Salsa is made using the healthiest ingredients, with a variety characteristic that health-conscious consumers look for. And Tia Fina’s Salsa is primed to grow its young, already fast-growing business.

Tia Fina's Hot Salsa

“We are committed to providing communities with a healthy, clean, Non-GMO, gluten-free salsa that is naturally preserved—giving them both piece of mind and satisfied taste buds,” says Julian. “At the beginning of 2015, we began our business, starting off at our local flea markets, then entering our local farmer’s markets. Now our products are sold in many local, independently-owned grocery stores.” 

Tia Fina's Salsa

Recently, Tia Fina has partnered with Clara Pappas at CJ Produx, a company that works with Lucky’s, Safeway, Save Mart and other grocery banners, to grow the company’s footprint and bring the company’s flavorful, preservative-free products to a larger market.  

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Tia Fina Salsa