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Tyson Foods' Headquarters Slated to Undergo a Makeover

Tyson Foods' Headquarters Slated to Undergo a Makeover

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Tyson Foods has announced plans to add a new 44,000 square-foot facility to its original headquarters in Springdale, AK, adding more than 250 new positions.

John Tyson, Chairman, Tyson Foods“We’re collaborating with the Downtown Springdale Alliance, the Chamber of Commerce and other business leaders on ways to make this area a hub of innovation,” John Tyson, Chairman of Tyson Foods said. “We hope others will join the effort to help make downtown Springdale an intersection where commerce, food, the arts and families meet.”   

Rendering of the new Tyson facility.

Last January, Tyson Foods announced a $1 million gift to the Downtown Springdale Alliance, and while Tyson says the purpose of that donation was to help jump-start the revitalization of downtown, he still has even more plans for the area, locating more than 300 of the company’s corporate staff. 

The new two-story structure will be constructed on the site between the company’s two original headquarter buildings, preserving their original frontage. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2017, and demolition of several other buildings on Tyson Foods’ property will begin in mid-October.

“Downtown Springdale is where we started,” Tyson said. “There’s a rich past here, but also an exciting future – and, we plan to be part of it.”

Rendering of the new Tyson Company Store.

As the company previously announced in January, Tyson Foods is also renovating the 28,000 square-foot building located downtown named the Tyson Foods JTL Building. According to a press release, it will become the new home to the Tyson Company Store, a wholesale outlet where Team Members and others can purchase Tyson Foods products and a limited selection of staple grocery items. About 75 people will work at the JTL Building beginning in spring 2016.

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