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Unearthed USA's Marco Águas Discusses Olives, Antipasto, and Charcuterie

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

There’s nothing quite like diving into a new market. The anticipation—will shoppers love our product?—the excitement—of course they’ll love it, it’s our product after all!—it all just bubbles together to create an addicting concoction few in the biz can escape. The latest company to take a sip of this Kool Aid is unearthed®, a leading European brand that has worked to make a name for itself in the U.S. market for the past couple of years.

At Winter Fancy Food Show, I had the chance to speak with Marco Águas, Co-Founder, to find out more about the company and its line of products that are already taking charge of categories left and right.

Marco Águas, Co-Founder, Unearthed USA“Unearthed is a company that specializes in pre-packed olives, antipasto, and charcuterie,” Águas explained. “And we are a leading brand in Europe, and we’ve just come to the USA to launch our products.”

The unearthed lines features mixes of olives, including stone-in and pitted, as well as cheeses like Feta and Manchego. As we continued to chat about unearthed, Águas let me in on a few secrets that the company keeps close to its chest in order to stay at the top of all of its categories.

Unearthed USA's products are chilled, pre-packed, no additives, and they come in a range of different flavors

“The key differences between our products and other products on the market is that our products are with no brine and no oil, so no mess. They are chilled, pre-packed, no additives, and they come in a range of different flavors with the mixes of cheese,” Águas divulged. “Because the products are pre-packed in a protective atmosphere, we don’t have problems of wastage or high manipulation and hygiene issues that you would find in a traditional olive bar.”

To find out more of unearthed’s secrets, check out our exclusive interview above.

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200 years of traditionWonders of Wisconsin - Celebrate American Cheese Month

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