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Vermont Creamery's 5 Tips for Making the Perfect Halloween Cheese Board

Vermont Creamery's 5 Tips for Making the Perfect Halloween Cheese Board

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

While Halloween is one of the biggest holidays of the year for carving pumpkins, dressing up, and trick-or-treating, this holiday isn’t just for kids. Have an adult- and cheese-filled get-together of your own and leave the kids at home with these spooky, classy, and flavorful tips from Vermont Creamery.

Vermont Creamery

Wrinkled, moldy and dusted with ash, Vermont Creamery’s geotricum-rinded cheeses have been called ghostly little cheeses, franken-rinds, and brain-esque—perfect for a spooky cheese plate. Here are five tips for creating the perfect Halloween cheese board:

Vermont Creamery

  1. First, choose your cheese, and make sure to focus on the creep factor. Vermont Creamery’s aged goat cheese—Bonne Bouche, Coupole, Cremont, and Bijou—all have a wrinkled, brain-like look, as you can see from these photos by Carey Nershi of Reclaiming Provincial.
  2. Pick your darkest, spookiest cheeseboard. Vermont Creamery suggests a gravestone-like gray slate color. Bonus points: go full headstone with a spooky inscription.
  3. Add seasonal and festive pairings like olives, roasted pumpkin seeds, and dehydrated orange slices. Use slices of dark rye bread and crackers studded with dried fruit and seeds to make sure to boost both the flavor and the mood.
  4. For an even more beautiful presentation, Vermont Creamery has provided a link to some simple DIY ghost leaves. Add these and some dried moss for an eerie and creative look to your cheese board.
  5. Complete with an “eye-ball” or “blood” laden cocktail like these from Food & Wine, and your cheese board is complete!

Vermont Creamery

For more on Vermont Creamy’s cheese and even more Halloween tips, check out VermontCreamery.com.

Vermont Creamery

200 years of traditionCastello - Number one imported havarti - Authentic Danish Heritage

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