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Vice Big Cheese Seth Novick Shows Us Kitchen Table Bakers' Parm Crisps

Monday, September 21st, 2015

Kitchen Table Bakers, who operates with the motto “from our kitchen table to yours,” is spicing up it's Aged Parmesan “Parm” Crisps, and Vice Big Cheese Seth Novick took the time to tell Deli Market News all about it.

Seth Novick, Vice Big Cheese, Kitchen Table Bakers“We are oven baked, all of the cheese we use is ten months old,” Seth tells us, saying that the flavors of the Parm Crisps line complement the company’s line of 3 oz tubs.

Parm Crips

Now available in three separate flavors, Aged Parmesan, Sesame, and Jalapeno, this cheese line hits all the deli health trends, including:

  • All natural
  • Wheat free
  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free

“We’ve got special seasonings that we use that really blend nicely and give it a uniqueness with a good bite to it,” Seth added  about what makes these cheesy snacks, made from 100 percent aged parmesan cheese, stand apart.

Parm Crisps

To see our full interview with the Vice Big Cheese, watch the brief video above.

Kitchen Table Bakers

Crafting Cheese for Four GenerationsSchuman Cheese - Custom orders. Flexible solutions. Reliably excellent cheese.

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