We Tried Burger King's Halloween Whopper

We Tried Burger King's Halloween Whopper

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Ever since I first heard about the Japanese "Kuro" (Black) Burger from Burger King, I always wanted to give it a try. I wasn't going to drop everything and go over to Japan just to try a single burger, but now that it's here in the States I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to give this new burger a taste test. The main question on my mind - how would the bun's A1 flavoring affect the taste?

Burger King's Halloween Whopper

The Halloween Whopper has a couple of noticeable differences from the Kuro Burger. For example, there's no black cheese, and squid ink isn't used as an ingredient. These changes, however, can be attributed to regional preference. 

  On to the dish!

Burger King

As I pulled off the mummy-themed wrapping, the savory scent of the A1 sauce permeated the room. I have to admit that I left the wrapping open for a bit to marvel at the smell. As you might expect, my natural reaction to black-colored food isn't great but I was determined to get my hands on this burger.

Once I bit into it, I was expecting to get a large dose of A1 flavor but it wasn't there. A second later, the aftertaste had a hint of the A1 flavor that I wanted, but it missed my expectations. Don't get me wrong, I like the charbroiled flavor of the Whopper, but even eating the bun itself didn't give any real change in flavor aside from the aftertaste. 

Burger King

As it stands, the Halloween Whopper is more or less an ordinary Whopper with black buns. Burger King went the extra mile to even color the inside of the bun black as well. Overall, it tasted much like any Whopper. This suits me fine because I like the Whopper, but it may leave those expecting a robust A1 flavor wanting more

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Burger King Halloween Whopper