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Amazon Shutters Prime Pantry Division

Amazon Shutters Prime Pantry Division

Monday, January 11th, 2021

Recognized for its commitment to innovation and growth, Amazon’s latest move to shutter its Prime Pantry delivery service comes as a pivotal turn in strategy as the retailer looks to delve deeper into the fresh grocery sector. With the launch of its new AmazonFresh and Amazon Go store fronts, the closure of its delivery service marks a clear shift as the retailer continues to expand its footprint in the skyrocketing grocery market.

Amazon announced on Wednesday, January 6, that the service would no longer be available and instead prompted customers to utilize its Amazon Fresh platform, according to an article from Bloomberg

Amazon has shuttered its Prime Pantry delivery service as the retailer looks to delve deeper into the fresh grocery sector

The Prime Pantry feature was originally launched in 2014 with a monthly subscription fee of $5 for Prime members of the site. The service was designed to encourage shoppers to stock up on bulky, expensive-to-ship products through orders that could be easily shipped in one large box.

All products that were once available under the Prime Pantry banner are now being offered through Amazon Fresh as the company continues its foray into the fresh grocery market. Those who maintain a Prime account can use both Amazon Fresh and Amazon’s Whole Foods Market chain to order groceries.

What other crucial moves will Amazon make as it continues to grow its grocery presence? Keep a tab open for Deli Market News as we go searching for answers.