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Ambrosi Debuts New Millennial Line

Ambrosi Debuts New Millennial Line

Friday, September 6th, 2019

Even though it’s bad for me, I still eat cheese. My lactose-intolerant body both agrees and hates me for it. But when I found out that Ambrosi Food USA has launched a new umbrella brand of cheeses—some of which are lactose free—you can bet that I did a double-take.

Luigi Ambrosi, Business Development and Marketing, Ambrosi“The new Millennial Line was born with a Brooklyn flair, embracing all that the next generation identifies with. Some of the cheeses that are part of the Millennial Line are, in fact, lactose free (eg. Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Montasio, Aged Asiago),” Luigi Ambrosi, Business Development and Marketing, told me, much to my delight. “Goat and sheep milk are more acceptable to lactose-intolerant people.”

Featuring over 25 different cheeses from Italy, the new line includes beloved best sellers like Parmigiano Reggiano and Gorgonzola, as well as seasonal and specialty items such as Truffle Taleggio and Fiore Sardo. What makes this Millennial Focused line, well, millennial-focused, is the latest advertisement campaign, utilizing the hip, young look of the Ambrosi brand to attract cheese lovers and curious millennials alike to try different and new propositions.

“With this film, we would like to invite the viewer to the cheese world and the Ambrosi mindset, or as we say, to Ambrosize the people,” Luigi added.

Ambrosi's new cheese line appeals to current generations and is great for social gatherings

Ambrosi has released a four-minute short film to portray cheese in all its emotions and show how it brings people together. It's an intriguing story, with a fun twist at the end—a Parmigiano-induced ecstasy.

“Cheese is sexy, cheese is social gatherings, cheese is lustful addiction. It’s a spark of curiosity and butterflies in the stomach before indulging,” Luigi noted.

Bringing the delicious thousands-year-old tradition to the modern age requires unique marketing, and Ambrosi manages to stay relevant and attractive. To find out more of what Ambrosi offers, sit back and marvel with a platter of cheese for the short film above.