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Blue Circle’s Ashley Meadows Discusses New Salmon Sausages and Salmon Hot Dogs

Blue Circle’s Ashley Meadows Discusses New Salmon Sausages and Salmon Hot Dogs

Friday, February 18th, 2022

Quick, easy, and nutritious. These values are some of the top priorities for shoppers, especially in our current hurried lifestyle. Combining these values in one convenient package is no easy feat, but Blue Circle Foods believes it’s a necessity. Recently, I tapped Ashley Meadows, Director of Digital Marketing, to give me the inside scoop on the company’s latest release: Salmon Sausages and Salmon Hot Dogs.

Ashley Meadows, Director of Digital Marketing, Blue Circle Foods“We know; it sounds a little unusual at first, but we’re sure that once consumers try them, they’ll love them,” starts Ashley. “They’re a great alternative to traditional meat sausages and hot dogs. We’re releasing a few different sausage flavors to entice shoppers, and all of them cook up in the same way you’d prepare a regular sausage—stovetop, oven, grill, you name it.”

The hot dogs have the same texture and snap consumers are used to, and kids won’t realize they’re eating fish instead of meat. I was skeptical at first, but the more I thought about it, the more my adventurous side hungered to try it. As the company is well-known for its sustainability and responsible sourcing practices, conscientious shoppers will be likely to reach for these innovative products.

Blue Circle Foods is disrupting the sausage and link sector as it rolls out Salmon Sausages and Salmon Hot Dogs

“Our sausages are 98 percent salmon and 2 percent herbs and spices. The spices can be found in everyday kitchens such as salt, pepper, and dill. Just real ingredients, no additives or nitrates,” explains Ashley, underscoring both the company and shoppers’ values of using clean and wholesome ingredients. “This is something we’re really proud of. Salmon is one of the seven superfoods. Additionally, it’s full of protein, Omega-3, and vitamin D.”

Blue Circle’s latest franks join a portfolio of health-forward products, all of which contain zero preservatives, GMOs, antibiotics, or added sugar. And with consumers looking at the label more before adding them to the basket, these new products fall right in line as shopping trends lean toward more plant-based and meat-alternative fare.

The new products are sustainable, responsibly sourced, and made with 98 percent salmon and 2 percent herbs and spices

“Consumers are looking to incorporate more meat alternatives into their diets, a demand that has grown by 27 percent since 2019—plant-based options just aren’t enough to fill the gap. Our products are here to be that option,”
Ashley continues. “The salmon sausages and hot dogs are perfect for someone who wants to switch up their diet and try something new. Plus, our sausages and hot dogs align with our feel-good standards; our salmon are responsibly raised and 100 percent traceable from shore to shop! They’re a healthy alternative for both consumers and the planet.”

I’m sure these products will leap straight from the shelf to the basket; I’m already eager to try them.

Stay tuned to Deli Market News as we report on the latest products hitting the market.

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