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Brooklyn Cured Preps for IDDBA with an Impressive Line of Products

Brooklyn Cured Preps for IDDBA with an Impressive Line of Products

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

IDDBA is fast approaching, and there’s a lot to look forward to for attendees at all stages of the supply chain. While the floor may be full of tried-and-true favorites, it’s the new products that we’re looking forward to, and fine meat producer Brooklyn Cured has a lot in store for show-goers. With a recent line extension that includes Lamb Prosciutto, Smoked Beef Salami, and Smoked Lardo, everyone’s meat needs will be met.

Scott Bridi, Founder, Brooklyn Cured“We're excited about our line extension because it gives customers and buyers more premium options that are unique to the American charcuterie landscape,” Founder Scott Bridi told me. “Our Lamb Prosciutto and Smoked Beef Salami give customers and buyers more non-pork options, and the Smoked Lardo gives chefs an ingredient that will make a positive impact on their menus.”

The line’s Lamb Prosciutto is seasoned with smoked paprika, red wine, garlic, and a hint of spice for a truly exceptional prosciutto that even non-pork eaters can enjoy. The boneless, rolled format makes the prosciutto easy to slice and display. There’s nothing quite like this cured meat on the market, and the flavors pair exceptionally well with olives or preserved lemon.

Brooklyn Cured's new products will be officially unveiled at IDDBA this June

The company’s Smoked Beef Salami, inspired by classic New York delis, has a unique taste, similar to cervelat, but lighter and more nuanced in flavor. This salami is ideal for the deli counter as a premium non-pork salami option. Individually packed, it can be merchandised for retail sale or sold out of the deli counter. While extremely versatile, the Smoked Beef Salami pairs especially well with gouda, pickles, and whole-grain mustard.

To the delight of professional and aspiring chefs everywhere, the line extension includes a Smoked Lardo made from a specific breed of pig that is renowned for its flavorful fat, with complex nutty undertones. The Lardo is seasoned with sea salt and hickory smoke. Sliced thinly, the Smoked Lardo adds tremendous flavor when melted over fish, scallops, and grilled vegetables.

Brooklyn Cured's line extension includes Lamb Prosciutto, Smoked Beef Salami, and Smoked Lardo

Lucky New Yorkers had access to the company’s new products starting in May, where they could be found at many foodservice outlets in New York City and the Midwest, along with several premium New York City retail stores. The new products will be officially unveiled at IDDBA this June.

"We're looking forward to connecting with buyers throughout the country to sample our diverse product line that can add value to the Service Deli, Wall Deli, and Specialty Department. We're also excited to preview our special new line of retail salami that will launch this Fall, right in time for holiday sets,” Scott concluded.

Want to see these mouth-watering products for yourself? Head to Orlando from June 2-4 for IDDBA 2019, and visit Brooklyn Cured at booth #1215.

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