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Bubbies Ice Cream Debuts Three New Vegan Flavors; Katie Cline Shares

Bubbies Ice Cream Debuts Three New Vegan Flavors; Katie Cline Shares

Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

Ice cream is the cure for any bad day, but many consumers are not able to turn to this sweet savior because of various diet restrictions, resulting in a lost opportunity for retailers in the frozen aisle. Offering all shoppers a delicious solution to this problem, Bubbies Ice Cream has pulled back the curtain on a mouthwatering new launch, revealing the debut of three new non-dairy mochi flavors available in 6-pack retail boxes.

Katie Cline, Vice President of Marketing, Bubbies Ice Cream “We’ve seen a huge surge in demand from consumers seeking comforting indulgences over the past year, so it’s natural that ice cream would be one of the first foods they turned to,” said Katie Cline, Vice President of Marketing. “Not only are shoppers looking for ice cream as a comfort food, but also as a unique experience—from texture to flavor discovery and natural ingredients. We want to make our beloved mochi ice cream accessible to as many people as possible, so we’re thrilled to be launching our new Vegan Mochi Ice Cream. For us, it’s extremely meaningful, as this opens up new opportunities to provide value to consumers and deliver small moments of joy.”

The new products come in three tantalizing flavors: Vegan Strawberry Mochi, Vegan Chocolate Mochi, and a newly created flavor, Vegan Mango Mochi. Each of the plant-based products are made with a coconut milk base and wrapped in sweet mochi dough, and only consist of high-quality, real ingredients, including all-natural flavors and real fruit puree. The dairy-free indulgence only has 80 calories per piece, and are certified Vegan, Gluten-free, and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Bubbies Ice Cream revealed the debut of three new non-dairy mochi flavors available in 6-pack retail boxes

The new varieties are now available in select Whole Foods Markets and Gelson’s Market locations, with additional retailers to follow, such as Costco in the summer. As the plant-based sector continues to see booming success, Bubbies is aiming to offer an exciting plant-based ice cream experience that goes beyond the traditional pint through texture and unique flavors, as noted in a press release.

The new line retails for $5.99–$6.99 per 6-pack box, and Bubbies Vegan Mochi Ice Cream in Strawberry and Chocolate are also available in individually wrapped pieces in the bakery section at Whole Foods Market locations nationwide.

What are you waiting for? Tap into the heightening demand for plant-based products while capitalizing on this mouthwatering, sweet treat. Deli Market News will continue to report on all the latest products to hit retail shelves, so keep a tab open for us.

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