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Burger King's Unveils Halloween Ghost Whopper

Burger King's Unveils Halloween Ghost Whopper

Monday, October 21st, 2019

Burger King is getting spooky for the season and has released a new themed-burger for Halloween called the Ghost Whopper. The latest burger is set to rise up from the dead on October 24, but only at 10 restaurants across the United States.

The marketing team behind the Ghost Whopper must’ve had a frighteningly good time during the conceptualization. In the ad campaign, Riz Mirza, a psychic medium, was hired for a "spirit taste test" advertisement, according to CNN. Apparently, the spirits from the other side had mixed opinions.

"'It's beyond belief to experience this taste,' said one of the spirits," Burger King said in a press release. "Another one affirmed, 'It's filth!' Others just didn't know what they were holding in their hands because they've never seen a hamburger in their lifetime."

The burger is served on a white cheddar-flavored "spectral white" sesame-seed bun to give it its ghostly appeal. Burger King will be offering this limited-edition burger for $4.59 at only 10 locations: Phoenix, AZ; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; Savannah, GA; New Orleans, LA; Detroit, MI; Philadelphia, PA; Summerville, SC; Memphis, TN; and San Antonio, TX.

Will other fast-food establishments take note and follow suit for this hallowed season? Deli Market News is eager to find out.

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