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Burlap & Barrel Releases Two New West African Spices

Burlap & Barrel Releases Two New West African Spices

Friday, July 22nd, 2022

My spice rack may be full, but that doesn’t stop me from venturing down the seasoning aisle to discover new products to stock up on. Burlap & Barrel, a leading purveyor of single-origin spices sourced directly from smallholder farmers around the world, is one brand consumers will have their eye on. The brand recently launched two West African spices: Jollof Rice West African Seasoning and Iru.

Jollof Rice Seasoning, made in collaboration with Abena Foli of POKS West African Seasonings, boasts a delicate balance of warm and herby notes that are amplified with some heat. The mix of flavors transcends the borders of West African countries while accommodating heat tolerances without compromising on the bold flavors West African foods are known for. Shoppers will notice warm and savory notes with nods to the varied styles of jollof rice seasonings—a winner in all manner of rice dishes and beyond.

Bringing bold West African flavors to consumers, Burlap & Barrel recently launched Jollof Rice West African Seasoning

According to the release, Jollof Rice is a unifying culinary anthem that evokes a lot of passion, especially around how it is prepared, and which country makes the best Jollof Rice. This blend has sweet paprika for the tatashe (red bell pepper), typical of Nigerian and Cameroonian Jollof Rice; tomato powder for the tomato-heavy notes typical of Ghanaian and Ivorian Jollof Rice; herbs (bay leaves and thyme) for the Senegalese and Gambian influences as the originators of the Jollof rice recipe; and the West African holy trinity of spices, chili pepper (Cobanero chili), ginger, and an allium (garlic).

Iru, or fermented locust beans in the Nigerian language Yoruba, is a super-umami ingredient rarely found outside West Africa; it adds a deeply funky, savory flavor to any dish. The company’s Iru launch follows its collaboration with Chef Tunde Wey. Iru has been used for centuries across West Africa for its delicious and healthful properties. Rich in protein and natural fats, it imparts a deep umami flavor to savory or sweet dishes. It has an incredible, complex flavor, somewhere in between chocolate, miso, and cheese.

Also part of its latest launch, the spice supplier has released its own Iru, a super-umami ingredient rarely found outside West Africa

Jollof Rice Seasoning jars retail for $11.99 and Iru jars retail for $9.99 and are available for national shipping on Burlap & Barrel’s site and at select specialty food retailers.

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