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California Milk Advisory Board Partners With Dairy Council of California to Teach Ag Literacy

California Milk Advisory Board Partners With Dairy Council of California to Teach Ag Literacy

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020

Recently, the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) partnered with Dairy Council of California to teach ag literacy in an exciting and innovative new way. The Farm to You Virtual Field Trip connects students of the Dairy Council of California Mobile Dairy Classroom with a virtual trip to a California dairy farm. The program, which ended June 5, provided students with dairy online lessons.

Jennifer Giambroni, Director of Communications, California Milk Advisory Board“Farm to You is a tremendous way for children to learn about the science of agriculture while also learning where their food comes from directly from the farmers,” said Jennifer Giambroni, Director of Communications at the CMAB. “For our farming community, this is a tremendous opportunity to connect directly with consumers across the state.”

Aimed at increasing ag literacy, the sessions taught attendees the importance of healthy eating patterns as well as where their food comes from, according to a press release.

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The virtual tours included teaching students how a dairy farm operates, how milk and dairy products are produced, and the nutritional value of these products. Farms from Sonoma and Tulare counties were featured.

Shannan Young, Director of Food Access, Dairy Council of California“We are proud to help educate students, families, and the entire school community the importance of ag literacy and provide them with an experiential connection to where their food comes from,” said Shannan Young, Director of Food Access at Dairy Council of California. “We can encourage healthier students, families, and communities by teaching them more about our food system, how to eat healthfully, and the important role of milk and dairy foods for growth and development as part of daily healthy eating patterns.”

Has the next generation of dairy producers been born? Deli Market News eagerly awaits.

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